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Acknowledge Our Guidelines

We need to ensure this perfectly that your thoughts, ideas, and writing skills are all in synchronization with our demands. Because when it comes to posting content, we rely on the highest of standards for our posts.

The posts at Yupple are thoroughly researched, creative, and high on social engagement to give the viewers only well-informed material to contemplate on. Our guest posts are laid on various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, Affiliate marketing, Analytics, Lead generation, Analyzing campaigns, E-commerce analysis and various others.

What are our requirements?

Our guest bloggers are required to submit guest post in the following guidelines:

a) Tutorials or case studies on the trending digital marketing tactics.
b) Create conclusive posts for the learned or novice readers.
c) Develop posts with a minimum word limit of 1500 words.
d) Produce completely original, wholly-explored and descriptive content.
e) Put in some statistics and relevant information to support your statement.

Analyse your content before sending and make sure that your guest post is adhering the guidelines properly. Any guest post that you write for us would be stricken out if it is not in accordance with the above guidelines.

Have a look at our format!

At Yupple, we follow a particular set of format for our guest posts. Go through these instructions while you are writing for us.

1. The flow of the content should be informative with a casual tone. No need to instruct your readers.

2. The subject matter should be entertaining and not too descriptive. Readers leave the post in halfway if they think that the content is written in such a manner. Try to hold their attention through a structured but interactive format.

3. Your post should contain at least 4-5 images. It will look more appealing and will gain higher search through image search engines. Even the content is explained better when paired up with an image.

4. You need to provide validity to your research by attaching the links.

5. Create catchy headlines to attract your readers.

6. The paragraphs should not be too long.

7. Keep every stance of your post fresh and avoid being repetitive.

8. Use headings and sub-headings to give a decent structure to your post.

If you are excited to write about your digital marketing teachings and facts then get ready to write creative and tech-savvy posts.

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Has your blog been approved?

1. After you submit guest post, we will notify whether your blog is approved or not within 3 -5 days.

2. If is approved, it will get published within 10 days.

3. Please keep a close look at the website as we won’t be conveying any particular date of publication.

4. Once the content is published on the Yupple Blog, you must not republish it elsewhere online.

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