5 Mind Blowing Web Design Techniques To Attract 100% Web Traffic [2019 Special]

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A website is the face of your company. Some businesses might not even have a physical address but a perfectly running website can fetch handsome revenues. Gone are the days when a static website was enough for you to impress and attract your audience.

Adding to the struggle, the sea of websites is creating a Tsunami on the Internet. For one product, there are several unique sites. How would you outstand from them and persuade our target audience to choose you over the others?

Of course, digital marketing services will strengthen your market presence but before heading west, web design services should be your focus to explore and exploit as much as you can.

Why should you care about professional web design in 2019?

72% of Internet users prefer mobile-friendly sites and 38% of users would stop exploring your site if it is boring, dull or unresponsive. To create an opinion of your site, it just takes 50 milliseconds. However, crucial and hurtful it may sound, that’s what you have, my friend.

The bright side of investing in a responsive website is that 62% of sales increase just as you give your stone-age site a futuristic transformation.

The simplest way to begin is to check if your Logo is on left and directs the user to the homepage. You don’t want to disappoint 36% of traffic who #WILLCLICK on your logo.

Do you want to be one of the 91% of businesses who don’t have a responsive site despite the HUGE demand?


So, ride with us on the journey of doing everything right in this year of the web revolution.

The Top Tricks For Taking Responsive Web Design On Next Level!

Whether you’re aware of the RAIL concept or not; it’s time you put your neurons on work and know about it. Also, it might be too early for AR and VR to infect the market but as the history says, “One of the adapted changes early got the biggest piece of cake.”
Well, the plan isn’t to catch you off guard and create the panic; rather, let’s dig deep into web design and development services India that can give you a great sight of how to be relevant with the digital age.

1. Typography- Write Good, Type Great

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The satisfaction videos on Instagram of beautiful and errorless curves of letters, smooth texture of words and eye-pleasing effect have made the masses fall into the addiction of Typography. People don’t mind getting served with some on your site.

“Web Design is 95% of Typography”

2. Split Content- Business Personality

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Businesses are going multi-purpose. With a variety in the services, they’re also looking to market them like that. Improving the UI with contrasting split screen concept gives you the opportunity to prioritize two of your company’s pillar.

Let’s say, your business sells exotic flowers which is your USP- the business product. But you’re company might also empower local & women workforce which is again the feature of your company.

Though you might have to go against the oldest rule of UI designing ideology of serving piece-by-piece information but this will surprise and astonish your audience!

3. Visual Storytelling Routine

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Source Url:- https://www.behance.net/gallery/45319371/Save-Green-Landing-Page

The buzzword in the marketing industry is- Storytelling!

People understand the usage of emotions is the game. The popular brands are using this technique in not only their branding but also marketing campaigns. Recent Coca-Cola ad campaign around the World Cup, Marriott International’s #Moxy storytelling and Nike’s equality campaign are some of the great examples of how you can simply connect with your audience from a creative angle.

According to Pictorial Superiority Effect, users absorb 75% more information from the visual depiction.

Collaborating this concept with web designing, you may refer to the business-apt colour guide, utilize whitespace, attention-seeking typography, add texture and give meaning to the icons and flow of information on your webpage.

4. Retrofy Your Webpages

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Source Url:- http://www.logorium.com/webdesign/coffee-shop-concept

“Old is Gold!”

This is the right time to use this idiom because the internet is back with the sight of the 80s & 90s with a twist of improved UI! And it has never been better in the design industry.

After dominating the web design industry, clean and chic designs are taking the backseat. As a web design company, we don’t mind to go overboard with the classic, bold and in-your-face font. The vibrancy of colours from the 80s brings life to the website. Also, elements that make it look vintage are always on our mind.

It’s interesting to see how a new product can be retrofied!

5. 3-D Illustration For More Definition

If something made a bang-on comeback, then it has to be 3-D illustrations. Giving a major nostalgia of the 90s and early 2000s, 3-D illustrations have come a long way to find its position in web designs. Whether it’s the depth you want to add in your typography, abstract or geometrical detailing on the homepage or marry the functionality of the site with a playful menu- you’ve got to do it the right away.

Ever got chance to see Share It’s timeline or how Acko.net welcomes its users with an animated 3-D banner?

Excited to see some theme to get inspired by? Here’s a quick listicle:

• Modern 3-D Portfolio theme for creative businesses- Huge at EnvatoMarket

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• A 3-D Flipbook theme for writers and designers- MagicBook at WordPress

digital marketing company in india 

• Clean, masculine & creative theme for construction or photography business – 3D Constructor at EnvatoElements

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