A Technical SEO Guide for WordPress Website Developers

These days, WordPress websites are built in bulk for different business organizations, companies, individuals, government organizations, business firms, etc. Website developers and designers often reel under immense pressure to create professional and attractive websites one after another.

To be frank, there is no use of a newly created WordPress website if it is not SEO friendly because digital marketing professionals can’t promote it on the web and generate enough business through it. All web developers need to keep some SEO factors in mind while creating new websites and blogs. What are those factors? Let’s study and find.

1- Speed Optimization

Tell me honestly, do you like to visit a website when it gets loaded slowly? Probably not! For the same reason, in April 2010, Google announced that it will consider the loading speed of websites and web pages when ranking them in its SERP.

It is because Google saw a trend that showed that visitors are less likely to use Google when Google shows “slow” sites. Always keep in mind that if you stop using Google and start using other search engines, Google earns less money on contextual advertising, which matters a lot in the web-based business.

Standard site load time 2 seconds
Slow site load time More than 3 seconds


Slow loading websites have a lower ranking in Google, high bounce rate, and only a few chances for business. Therefore, all website designers & developers must try to make websites as fast as possible. A fast loading website loads quickly on all devices and helps users to find the desired stuff easily.

2- Browser Caching

In simple words, Browser caching is the way in which your browser stores website files on your device and display them to users on their request. Caching prevents unwanted HTTPS requests to the website server and makes site loading faster. In place of this, websites display results to users from saved files. You can enable browser caching on WordPress websites either manually or by using WordPress plugins.

3- AMP Technology

Currently, more and more people use their mobile devices to browse sites and search different things on the Internet. The total traffic from mobile devices has already exceeded traffic from computers and laptops. So, web developers need to make their website responsive without any fail using the AMP technology.

In simple words, Accelerated Mobile Pages are mostly HTML pages with extensions and some elements/blocks of custom pages for mobile sites. There are certain tags that you should/shouldn’t use while creating new websites. For example- the IMG tag (image) becomes AMP-IMG. In the same way, a video is replaced with a new AMP tag, etc. Although it puts some restrictions on website developers, it promises great benefits to website owners in terms of speed and website promotion.

4- Image Optimization

In plain words, image optimization is a process of making website images SEO friendly & helping digital marketing professionals in their SEO exercises. It’s one of the simplest ways to speed up the site and help people access websites or its pages faster.

Always keep in mind that Uncompressed and large images weigh a lot and force users to download unnecessary data. In simple equation, less file size = less download time = faster loading page. So, don’t steal other’s images available on the WWW. Just click photos of yourself, choose the right image format as per your needs, trim its size, add the supporting ALT tags, and upload it to your website. And, your job is done. Websites with optimized images perform well than those sites with unoptimized images.

5- Optimization of CSS and JS scripts

When you place any request on a website, CSS and JS files come into action, process your request, and display the results for the requested info, product and services. Most developers write CSS and JS scripts independently, which work separately to process the same request made by users.

This puts additional pressure on the site’s server and makes it slow during the peak hours of the day. Be prudent and merge CSS and JS files together so that they act jointly to process the request of visitors and display results in a short time span.

6- Website Design Based on User Expectations

All website developers and designers must always keep in mind that websites are created for users and clients, not for company owners. So, they must create sites with minimalistic web design elements (such as social media buttons, navigation, menu, Sitemap, Signup forms, CTA buttons, etc,) so that visitors feel relaxed while using the site and take the desired action after reading the content.

Always keep in mind if visitors have an unpleasant experience while visiting your website for the first time, they will never come back again.

Given here is a list of free WordPress Social Media plugins that will help you in building a collective community around your website.

7- Submission of Unique Content in the Right format

Most web developers get website content files from customers and just do the copy paste job to develop websites in a great hurry. They don’t bother to check the purity of the content and its usability for the targeted audience.

As a web designer or developer, it’s your duty to proofread the content from A to Z, ensure its uniqueness and sentence structure, and eliminate all possible errors. Always upload ready-to-use content on your website for quick indexing & a good ranking in the SERPs of all leading search engines.

Final Words

Most website developers ignore the technical SEO part of website creation. So, websites created by them become a null and void in the long run. Avoid such practice if you do so as a website designer or developer. Just follow the SEO tips mentioned here above and create amazing SEO friendly WordPress websites, easily and effortlessly.

Author Bio: Morris Edwards is a web developer & Marketing expert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd- which is known for their best SEO Services. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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