6 Reasons to Hire Branding Agency Over In House Expert

6 Reasons to Hire Branding Agency when you can hire an experienced brand manager.

Every branding campaign is crucial to the business. The success depends on aspects such as:

1. Technical knowledge of how branding works.

2. Understanding of target market and their behavior

3. Skill sets to use various mediums and platforms to engage more and more audience.

4. Experience of various challenges faced by brands.

A branding agency has the skill set & expertise to handle such challenges in your campaign. The In-house team may lack the perspective to get results in time. However, making a decision to whether hire an agency or in-house team is difficult. Let us look at few important factors:


Cost of Hiring Agency V/s Cost of an employee:

Cost of hiring a marketing agency seems higher. The in-house employee requires the employment benefits and perks too. At the end, cost of hiring a brand management agency becomes too less compared to CTC of an employee.


Expertise & Skill Sets:

Agency offers varied expertise in different platforms and mediums under one roof. In-house experts generally have a specialty in one area of branding and marketing. This affects your campaign getting results in a nonspecialty area. For eg, you have hired an AdWords expert but the conversions on social media are of greater ROI. Your in-house expert is now unable to maximise those.


Branding Perspective:

Agency has a birds-eye view of how branding will affect you and, how it will benefit. The in-house team is generally shadowed by the opinion of the boss. The biased opinions of the whole team deviated the brand from its deserved results.


Speed & Efficiency:

An agency brings in fast mobility and simultaneous processes. A brand management team in agency works on more than one module at a time. You may have to hire the employees to complete the process in-house. The in-house team is smaller and works on each module at a time. It is also required to train every employee to deliver results.


Access to benefits and Beta versions:

Remember, how agencies had access to Adwords’ Expanded headlines and site links before others? With Agency handling your brands, you stay updated with industry trends and sudden shifts.


Uncertainty and Predictability:

Many creative marketers do get bored with same brand/industry. Marketers working in In-house teams tend to switch jobs much more. An agency on another hand, assures you uniformity and constant execution of your plans. Your brand does not face any issues due to change in the team.
Branding Agency is a pot of hot ideas that work. Getting you a full package of all experts working for your brand is a deal you should not lose.


The 6 Reasons to Hire a Branding Agency are just the tip of an iceberg. Branding agency offers more value to the company & brand overall.

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