How to Use The Power-Packed Combination of Social Media & SEO for Your Business?

Whether your business would thrive better with email marketing or whether it’s the paid advertisement that would cite your products better?

Got in a muddle, haven’t you?

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing has changed the entire advertising domain for good.

Businesses these days consider various techniques of digital marketing to promote their products and services. Some believe that SEO has transformed their business while for others social media has been a blessing in disguise. Among all these considerations, it would be the combination of Social Media and SEO that is getting noticed.

Undertaken by most of the social media marketing companies in India these days, Social Media SEO is high on the popular list.

But, what basically is Social Media SEO?

It is the practice of using both SEO and Social Media strategies to improve rankings.It is a technique in which both methods fully embrace each other and give out a successful campaign in return.

How could you make use of Social Media & SEO together?

1. Use of competent keywords

The first SEO technique that you could mash up with your social media strategy is the use of right keywords on superb content. A strong SEO practice relies only on original content and that along with perfect placement of keywords. This is what you should apply to your social media posts as well.

Imagine the words that your customer might search for and include those in your posts. Add some quick-witted content to encourage people to read them as well.

2. Optimize the social media account

Do try to link your profile with your website. Adding the right keywords would also be helpful. Follow the NAP (Name, Address and Phone No) protocol on your profile as well. Your social media management agency might help you with in preparing a solid profile.

3. Create a clever marketing strategy

To make your business predictable among a thousand others, you need to give a little marketing boost to your regular post. The best way to garner attention towards your product would be through some competition or contests.

Several top businesses are running such digital challenges on their website. They ask viewers to follow them on Twitter / Instagram, add meaningful hashtags and encourage them to share their content.

Doing this would eventually benefit them by creating backlinks and hopefully will also direct more traffic to the site. The links published on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t have any impact on ranking but does help in building an ideal external linking. This way the business could have its own community, followers or connections along with visitors in the process.

4. Use Better Images

Images act as one of the strongest media for connecting to customers. They capture their attention more profoundly than posts with no images. But, make sure that the posts created are relatable to your products. While linking the posts, be consistent on where to land them. Choose the web page or the landing page accordingly.

5. Create a buzz on Social Media

When looking for more customers, the first and foremost thing that you can do is create some kind of social sensation. People today are more active on their social platforms and building a well-established campaign by social media advertising services providers would do that for you. Creating such posts would be far-reaching and you can expect more visitors in return.

6. Local optimization of posts

It is the right opportunity for a business to get involved with his local community. What to do? Post your images whenever your company participates in any local event. It will encourage their interest in you. Like a tradeshow, exhibition, festival etc, you can be a part of all these events and let your participation be exhibited on all digital platforms.

Research on what all is happening near you. If you are a budding restaurant with some lip-smacking food for your customers, then it would do wonders for your business to be a part of a food festival getting organized in your city.

7. Keep in connection with your followers

In order to keep the interest alive within your customers, stay in touch with your customers on the social platform. Whether you are being appreciated or shot with complaints, be brave and reply to them in real-time. Your promptness would encourage loyalty in them and might result in better conversions as well.


Though being two separate entities, social media and SEO when combined together might bring wonderful results to your business. Bring their impact together and observe the wonders.

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