4 Definite challenges of digital marketing: How an Online Marketing Agency Helps?

Online is a tough field to compete on. When there are thousands of businesses resembling your framework & M.O., you definitely need to do something offbeat to give an identity to your brand.

It takes a lot more than just setting up a website when you are considering online marketing for your business. In this journey of customer acquisition & satisfaction, the entrepreneur needs to tweak a lot of his creative skills to get this marketing done in a successful way. Though any online marketing agency can make this work for you, there are still some of the challenges that every startup faces before going full energy with his strategies.

Keeping this mind, take up a 10-minute read & find out how to beat these marketing ordeals.

1. Social Media Activity

The first thing that one should always keep in mind is that social media is not the platform where you sell. It is the platform from where you direct your customers towards your business through a well-planned promotion. Many industrial segments today have developed a social media segment and if you need to perform better, then scale up your social media activity and become a more discussed name.

Some of the challenges that you might face while working over your social media marketing includes what kind of content you need to produce, how to remain active, how to target the right audience, how to analyze the performance and so on.

What could be done?

Any advertising agency is efficient enough to perform the right steps and keep your social media corner active. With a content calendar to schedule your future posts, do carry out a performance tracking to make everything measurable and profitable in the end This way social media activity could be readily managed without any delay.

2. An optimized website

Another of the biggest challenge that any entrepreneur or marketing agency faces is website management. In a digital world, a website plays a major role in influencing a customer. Therefore a chaotic website with unclear directions is not at all likable since they want a crystal clear interface and seamless UI/UX navigation.

Your website could confront some of the challenges like a lack of captivating design, indecisive content creation, an inadequacy of ROI-driven content, ill-defined conversion journey etc.

What could be done?

Take heed of the four most critical elements of a website which includes website design, performance, page load speed and security. Maintaining a website on your own is too big a task when you are running digital marketing campaigns on them. Remember that your online business is run by your website which requires a perfect design & content setting along with a well-crafted buyer’s journey.

3. Results from SEO

You probably must have heard about the glorious results of SEO that pertains to getting your website and content to rank. But, keep in mind that the SEO landscape always changes and staying on top means keeping yourself apprised of the changes and eventually act on them.

The problems that are easily faced by any digital marketing agency while they perform SEO on your website are a suitable keyword strategy, local SEO optimization, ignoring the mobile-first index, avoiding any diversification other than normal search and similar strategies.

What could be done?

Do not rely on rankings for your search engine visibility. Make it more personalize and use local SEO strategy as it has shown better results than the standard SEO. Create quality content for your website pages because organic traffic could only be expected when you have some substantial content to show to them. Finally be a little less mechanical with your content and make it more customer-friendly.

4. Consider customer acquisition

Have you ever wondered what’s the secret mantra behind a highly successful business? It is the perfectly timed “utility marketing”. Some of you might not have even heard about it but it is a term that associates a brand with a customer when he is in a non-commercial need. This would be a piece of fair advice coming from your digital agency wherein it could suggest on the type of marketing you can undertake even when there is no pressing need in the market. Also, keep in mind the relationship of your sales i.e B2C or B2B, which decides a lot of your customer acquisition.
You might face some challenge in segmenting your customers, setting up your investments, understanding the effectiveness of content, tracking the ROI or measuring each marketing campaign while you are worried over customer engagement.

What could be done?

When it comes to acquiring customers, do not forget that your customer needs to feel connected with your product. So, when you are investing on your website or service, do not forget to invest your time in creating a reliable platform for users that they could buy from. Be creative with your social media campaigns. The right hashtags with a good content projection can do wonders for your sales.


For a budding entrepreneur or a marketing agency, these challenges are unavoidable but could be well mended before it spoils your entire campaign. Take careful measures and move forward with your strategies.

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