Boost Up Your Advertising with Optimization of These Mobile Marketing Trends

These days a user spends more than half of his day on mobile.

This makes it a necessity for businesses to spread their marketing arms to mobile as well.

Rather it would be best to say that if you are not on mobile then your business is nowhere!

Technology keeps on evolving and along with it the coexistent digital marketing trends. Specifically, in this mobile-oriented era, businesses cater to their customers through the means of mobile.

It’s not surprising! Consumers these days are more comfortable working on their mobiles. Whether it’s about shopping, reviewing a product or checking out newly arrived ones, the mobiles come handy in doing so. Hence, the emergence of new digital marketing trends in this domain.

Here are some of the optimization techniques that you can apply in performing mobile marketing.

1. Searches

The searches on desktop and mobile are vastly different from each other. This has been Google’s intention when they first introduced mobile-first indexing. It implies that a specific SEO strategy is required which could be implemented after the custom mobile app development of the business to bring them up in searches.

How searches are important in mobile marketing?

• A lot of app discovery (almost 30%) happens in search engines as compared to Play or App Store. This is an important subject matter that comes under the case of Consumer App Acquisition.
• There has been a tremendous increase in local organic searches such as “Stores open now”, “Restaurants near me”, which makes it necessary for you to create concise content for quick search.
• Don’t forget the voice search which takes up 20% of all the mobile searches. Make use of long tail keywords in your content to bring them up in searches.

2. Mobile Ads

When users are viewing your ads on mobile, they are watching those on a much smaller screen. Hence, it is essential to create those copies with detailed images and impressive text. But that’s not the only element of mobile ads that you have to look for.

So, what else needs to be done?

• Having a short text length with meaningful images would do the trick.
• Landing pages should be appropriately linked on your ads.
• Consider video ads as they are best for brand awareness & customer engagement. It could be a product video, static image short video or instructional video.

3. App Store Optimization

When thinking about more traffic, App Store Optmization could not be left at any cost.
You might have created a killer app with the help of your mobile app development agency, but it would be of no use if it’s not visible to your user.

To undergo App Store Optimization

• Choose an actionable set of keywords to be used in the title and description. Make sure the keywords chosen are less competitive long-tail keywords.
• Pick your screenshots wisely because these are the ones that can attract your customer at first sight.
• If you have more of a localised business, then create that type of description. Even your screenshots should depict the same.
• Encourage In-App ratings because it will directly affect the download probability for your apps.

4. Email Marketing

In this midst of mobile revolution, marketers today are extensively searching for different means to get more and more conversion.

And one such means that they have found useful is – Email Marketing.
It has been deduced that email open rate grew by 30% in the past few years, which suggests that emails are more accessible through mobiles.

How to create mobile-friendly email marketing?

• Make use of mobile-oriented templates.
• Shorten the subject lines to adjust with screen size
• Create catchy preheader text that can compel your user to open the mail.
• Balance your image and text so every element is readable at normal expansion.

5. SMS Marketing

More than 50% of users keep on checking their mobiles every minute for messages. This surely presents a golden chance for businesses to make use of SMS marketing. If you are opting for such kind of services from any digital marketing agency in India, keep in mind the following tips:

• Create tempting and short messages with discount offers (if any).
• Have a clear call-to-action within the message.
• Make your messages interactive with contests
• ‘Share’ is the latest buzz in social media. Through text message, you can achieve that.
• Perform surveys if it is related to your business.
• Personalize the text as much as you can.

Final words

Like any means of digital marketing, mobile has emerged to be an important channel for advertisement. The more you keep your tasks mobile-oriented, the more likely they are to get a conversion. Beef up your trends with these optimization techniques and experience the turnover in your customers and visitors following their implementation.

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