LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Every Advertiser Wants to Know

Started off as a social networking platform for professionals, LinkedIn has come a long way in enhancing its advertising domain. Following the acquisition of platform by Microsoft, the empire of LinkedIn marketing has lunged high.

Though there are a number of social media channels working to meet business demands, LinkedIn has also emerged as a well-liked platform to perform B2B business. With more than 500 million people on its platform, LinkedIn has successfully proved the worth of connections and branding to its users.

Not long ago, LinkedIn hashtags became the talk of the town with their use in marketing strategies. They proved helpful in increasing more visibility, attracting leads and eventually building a loyal community with clients.

Let’s dig into more of LinkedIn marketing features and solutions that will make the most for your business through its platform.

1. Prepare a Catchy Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page is a reflection of a company’s products and services. Thus it is a great platform to promote the features and capture the audience.

With a company page at hand,

• You can get into communication with other businesses in your community.
• Share information or any updates to your visitors.
• Discover the on-trend content.
• Use visual analytics to monitor activities around your business.
• Increase engagement by sharing & re-sharing posts of your employees.

How to prepare a good company page?

• Add a nice summary that depicts the gist of your company.
• Write all the products and services.
• Put up a fetching cover image.
• Ask your employees to be a part of your page.
• Make use of “Follow Button” to make it easy for users to follow you.

2. Make use of LinkedIn Ads

In addition to the creation of the LinkedIn business page, their ads are equally important for your business growth. Acclaimed as #1 B2B lead generation platform, LinkedIn ads have proven to be extremely targeting and result-driven in their purpose.
The different types of ads that you can make use of:

Sponsored Content: This is one of the best methods opted by every social media management agency who want to take your business on-board to the LinkedIn feed across desktop and mobile. You have the advantage to build your own audience and easily target beyond LinkedIn Audience Network.

3 easy steps to start your Sponsored Content:

1. With your LinkedIn business page (create if you don’t have one), publish your content and amass followers. That post will appear on your page as well as your followers.

2. Promote your content with Feed Ads campaign. Direct Feed ads could be used to test the ads for a specific group of audience.

3. Measure the engagement and performance of your ads with statistical reporting.

Sponsored In Mail: It’s a great way to send personalized messages or content to your customers in their LinkedIn inboxes. This a trustworthy method as people would feel that your business is contacting them directly. It could also be used to send invitations for webinars, latest updates, published content link to your followers etc.

Being such personalized, Sponsored In Mail has a high probability of attracting leads and having conversions.

Text Ads: While using LinkedIn for marketing, do not forget to make use of this self-service PPC advertising feature. You can set your own budget and control the costs with PPC or CPM pricing options.

Just add a superb headline, description, image and kickstart your campaign right away.

Display Ads: This is a fantastic premium ad technique to reach the exact group of audience and bears a high conversion rate with its clearly displayed Call-to-Action button. Displaying two units at a time, it has 4 size options (Medium Rectangle, Skyscraper, Text Link, Leaderboard) which the brand can use as per its convenience.

• Dynamic Ads: This is the type of marketing activity mostly used by e-commerce businesses. In this, ads are shown to the user based on his current activity. Like if a user is looking for “cement industry” then LinkedIn will pop up the names related to it.

3. Employ Showcase pages

LinkedIn is full of surprises with its fresh and quality marketing solutions.

And Showcase pages are one of them.

These are an extension to the LinkedIn business page or company page which are designed to highlight a brand and enables them to share rich content with a specific audience.

These pages comprise of the same tools and posting options that are present in the LinkedIn page that will initiate and strengthen your bond with customers on the business front.

How to create a Showcase page?

• Create a LinkedIn page.
• Locate your business areas to be added.
• Go to Admin Tools of your page & select Showcase page


Though this is a newbie in the town of advertisements, LinkedIn marketing has gain much footing along with other established social media channels. Create a great LinkedIn profile, actionable content and promote it with the terrific tools. You are surely going to see a flourish in your conversion for days to come.

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