#LinkBuilding2019: 7 Tips That Will Actually Add Value

Some might say links are “dead”, some might declare them as a “trivial” concept, but we cannot deny the fact, even after such an indecisive debate, a proper link building always ends in higher ranking and hiked-up crawl rate for a website.

Believe it or not, Link Building is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO. Done to link back other websites to yours, it is an eventful approach to direct referral traffic while increasing the site’s authority in the process.

So, it would be right to state that SEO is not just about the right keywords anymore. With Google bringing a new algorithm update every time, the rules of playing this game of perfect link building have also evolved and will do so in future.

Now be on guard, here are some of the amazing link building tips coming your way. Take a look and learn how to go about building that strategy.

Settle some ground rules

While establishing a strong link building or a high-quality backlink, be assured that your strategy affirms to three main requirements.

First, the website you are linking to should be of your niche i.e. relevant to your business. Second, with relevancy, check if the website is having high domain authority as well. Finally, decide the link to be Nofollow or Dofollow.

Undergo broken link building

It’s high time you repair those dead backlinks of yours! A broken or dead backlink is caused when you shift your page to another location or the URL is misspelt. With these issues present, you should work in redirecting those backlinks to their relative pages.

How to detect them? There are various tools like Ahrefs or AtomSEO that could be used to find those annoying backlinks that are linked to those non-existent pages. Find them, patch them and observe gradual changes.

Generate traffic from Link Roundups

Getting organic traffic is no piece of cake for SEO experts these days. You cannot expect to achieve a higher rank with few tricks under your sleeve. Thus, the question stays, how can I acquire a strong and high-quality link?

Let’s bring in Link Roundups for such kind of situation.

Link Roundups are weekly or monthly curation of your industry’s best links or content. So, if you are skilled enough to get your link in a roundup, then congratulations, because a contextual link and quality audience is in order for you.

How to grab such opportunities?

1- Write something noteworthy
2- Search, Search & Search – in Google/Twitter
3- Look deeper into relevant blog sites
4- Outreach using tools like Outreach, Pitchbox, and any others.

Keep watch over competitor’s backlinks

Don’t worry, your competitors are not conspiring against you. It’s just that you don’t share the same backlinks as they do. Time to analyze these backlinks and add these to your sites. Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) can help you out with this.

How will this benefit you?

1- You can undertake advanced link building
2- Find the link sources
3- Locate the opportunities that will serve your industry

Resource Page link building

This strategy would work like wonders for your ranking. If you have some original piece, written after lots of study and analysis, you can seriously gain a lot by building links as a Resource Page.

Where’s the benefit?

1- You have a credible content
2- People are more inclined to trust
3- You will direct a lot of traffic in this process

Just reach out to platforms that are ready to acknowledge your content as a resource one and assure them it is a good fit for their audience.

Use guest posts vigorously

Guest posts create the most exciting linking opportunities, now more than ever. The myths surrounding guest blogging are numerous but so are the results. Thus this year focus on Guest Posting as much as you can.

Guests posts actually make up an inconspicuous platform where a brand can build reputation, gain traffic and have more visibility or exposure in its domain by gaining backlinks.

But, what would eventually sell? Share something original not an overly shared content, be authentic like sharing statistics of your info, source or case studies from where you picked the data from.

Testimonial Link Building

Testimonials pave the way of your popularity. They add credibility to your brand with a few written words. Whenever a customer purchases a service a product from a brand, they are often requested to send their reviews. Earning reviews or testimonials would get your web page updated and will ready for another crawl session by Search Engine. You may gain these testimonials through some referral plan or send some discount/cashback code on their next purchase.

All these suggestions imply that Link Building is one of the most important strategies and can not be ignored. Build yours around this and you will surely see a surge in traffic towards your business.

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