Copywriting Guide: SEO Approach Using Keyword Stemming

A hawk-eyed content marketer is synonymous to a sneaky spy who’d try to enter through any window that provides them with a way through the top SERPs.”

Keywords are the wheels of search engine optimization. It’s the essence of tying an idea with the result in a meaningful manner.

Here are the examples of a business selling a property on an Island:

“Revive your soul in the mystic cottage near the shores.”
“Buy cottage near shores to revive your soul”

While the idea of both titles is to sell the cottage, however, latter is more acceptable by the search engine as it clearly enunciates the idea. The pivotal difference among both is the apt usage of the keyword.

As we understand the importance of keywords in any copy created for specification of digital marketing, here’ s the list of how to refine your keywords to skim the results and achieve the audience’s attention:

• Long tail keywords in SEO

The cluster of words that are used in queries made on search engines are called keywords. As per the digital marketing agency in India, short term or niche keywords will trim down your results.
Example: Instead of “Vacation”, use “Plan Vacation in India” to yield better outcomes.

• Number Range

Most writers don’t know that using number range, example, ‘3-5 Vacation Spots’ will enhance their piece of copy as between numbers will also be counted.

• Asterisk (*)

It’s the magic sign that acts like a missing term. It’ll show up all the queries which are rather similar to the search words.
Example: “Vacation * in India” will show search results with phrases like ‘Vacation houses in India’, ‘Vacation trips in India’, ‘Vacation places in India’ and so on.

• Order of the Words

Algorithms of search engines are designed to identify logical statement which is why the content is written with a specific order of the word.

• Stemming

It’s the automatic feature of Google which detects words that are originated from the stem word. Use of prefix and suffix
Example: Market can also give results with terms like marketing, marketer, etc.

More About Keyword Stemming: A Plus for Google Search

Since 2004, Google has been working on stemming keywords. To match and curate queries from the zillion of data floating online, Google exhibits the stemming process on keywords entered by the user. Stemming is prominently done if the searched keyword is short-tailed.

However, the stemming process can be terminated by writing keywords between the quotation marks.

Create Copies With Keyword Stemming in Mind

As a marketer, you don’t want to limit the search of your page to a niche set of keywords. It’s highly important to cull out the keywords that have stem words. This would help Google to identify your page dependent on the stem word whenever an identical query is entered.

Optimizing your website using the similar or synonymous words rather than repetitive keywords will save you from degraded ranking on search pages. Reason? The algorithms are designed to assign negative marks to websites flooded with keywords.

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