Almost ten years after tech entrepreneur Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the photo-sharing app – INSTAGRAM!

There is no other platform that has defined visual culture, with such visceral omnipotence, and especially fashion. It has become a circle for photography, retail and media, fashion design, a 24/7 stream of content both intimately personal and subliminally commercial.
Beyond the endless artfully composed still lifes, selfies, and inspirational quotes Instagram has become a digital mill of quirky and informative content.

There are many reasons to be #grateful and #blessed for Instagram. The very first thing is that Instagram is fun.

Who doesn’t like the mindless scrolling and discovery of humour, access and imagery?

Instagram has given a social media platform to people who would otherwise have been ignored by mainstream media, especially those who don’t fit the Bollywood mould of modelesque beauty.


Instagram has indeed shifted the way that fashion is reported, shared and consumed. In 2019, fashionable clothes must resonate through the two-dimensional photogenic prism of your smart camera screen. And that what force designers to make bold and loud gestures to grab your attention and to stop you in your scrolling tracks.

  • Sportswear with instantly identifiable logos? Tick.
  • Feathered Gowns? Tick.
  • Hyperbolic Hair? Tick.
  • Glittery Stuff? Tick.
  • Celebrity Endorsed Fashion? Double Tick.


In this new era of transparency, Instagram has, in many ways, transformed the fashion industry longstanding practices as well.


Before the rise of social media and blog a decade ago, fashion weeks happened behind closed doors. After Instagram, all of that has radically changed.
No social media platform has played a more significant role in opening doors for fashion than Instagram.

People come to Instagram expecting happiness and not the perfect glossy life of others. Because of Instagram pictures, stories and videos, they want to see their favourite people who they adore and the different aspects of their life.

Instagram has become an agent of social change, but it doesn’t dictate the fashion shows are produced. Instead, it dictates how we consume fashion content. With the rise of Instagram stories, consumption of fashion week has shifted away from the images to videos, allowing Instagram to drive traffic to new heights.

According to Instagram in-house data team, fashion community comprising 143 million users, generated 709 million engagements, and the number has tripled from the last few fashion months.


Fashion Industry is consequently democratising! And, Instagram has rendered the fashion battleground much more competitive. When everyone has a voice, how can you make sure yours get heard? The only answer is – “Know your audience”

1. Attractive Instagram Bio
Before anything, ensure that your Instagram marketing influencers are attractive. It will tell your audience who you are, what you do and a clear call-to-action so that people will easily get to know about your fashion brand.
A perfect bio is mandatory for becoming an Instagram success. People won’t follow you if they aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

2. Produce Interesting Content
Now when you have got a perfect Instagram bio, it’s time to think about your content plan.
Fashion field is very competitive, and if you create boring and low-quality content, don’t expect to be an Instagram success.
Instagram is all about content, and not just any content.
To succeed, plan out your content strategy and create eye-catching media – whether that’s images or videos.
There are lots of tools available on the web that will help you create striking content.

3. Be Consistent
Being consistent is one of the ingredients on how to be an Instagram success. This requires to be very active on this photo-sharing app. Ideally, you should be posting at least once a day.
If you post more than that, 2-3 times a day you will get more reach and engagement, especially to grow your account.

4. Utilise Instagram Stories
Instagram stories can be utilised in many ways. It’s a brilliant feature that Instagram marketing strategy offer and should be utilised regularly.
When your account surpasses 10k followers, it enables you to start adding hyperlinks in your stories.

5. Identify Top Hashtags
When sharing content on Instagram, it’s important to utilise relevant hashtags. The reason being you will maximise your chances of engagement, reach and potential growth.

6. Engage With Your Audience
Being an Instagram success comes down with how you engage with your audience and followers.
If you show that you are an actual human behind that profile picture and actively reply to your follower’s comments and direct messages regularly they will be more likely to engage with your quality content and recommend you to their friends, family and other followers.


Instagram has affected many aspects of the fashion industry from how new designers are discovered, fashion brands market themselves to the way people buy stuff.
The impact of Instagram marketing tools on fashion events and its value for marketing has been huge & massive.

1. Events
A fashion show is a great example of a large event that increasingly depends on social activity. Usually, designers fill their shows with social media influencers or models and additionally push specific show hashtags to encourage people to create their quality content and increase their visibility.

Moreover, some brands have gone as far as live-streaming their shows directly on Instagram live stories, making them more accessible to the general audience.

2. Differentiation and Brand Value
Instagram is a place for a brand to distinguish itself, share its core values and create a unique brand image. If you look at the pages of Channel, for example, you’ll see that they all portray their luxury style.

3. Influencers
Influencers activity are becoming more and more prominent in fashion marketing, with an audience more likely to trust an influencer recommendation than a recommendation made by a celebrity.

Brands increasingly work with influencers to profit from their high huge following, boosting the brand’s visibility. If the influencer is a good match for the brand, a lasting relationship can help build an authentic and desirable brand image.

4. Trend and Brand Spotting
Instagram function as a place to spot new designers and trends, transforming fashion buying. It offers buyers an opportunity to explore niche designers and styles from across the world and directly see how it’s real users respond to it, offering buyers a chance to identify potential trends and fill gaps in their offering.

The common thread on so many fashion designers, editors and photographers are that there is an emphasis on creating a visual identity that is branded and cohesive.
Not everyone posts content on Instagram for a living, many people are weighted by the pressure to self-publish an onslaught of content that blurs the line between private and public, exhibition and voyeurism, reality and representation.

For all the artists, who create things, whether it’s videos, photographs or fashionable item, it can be an opportunity for all to use this medium as the message conveyer.

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I mean who doesn’t like that blue tick?
When we all are living in the age of Instagram!

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