Importance of Social Proof In Marketing Campaign

In today’s world, digital marketing is growing day by day and so is its relevance. Although it is reckless to assume that only the seller is growing with this growing technology. The potential buyer is growing smarter and more cautious by day and it is becoming rather difficult to convince him/her about the authenticity of the product/goods/services that the seller has to offer.

Importance of social proof

It is thereby becoming more and more important to provide a social proof to the buyer, in order to make it easier for them to invest any trust in your brand.

Now the obvious question arises,

What exactly is social proof?

Well, simply put, it is a word of praise or recommendation from any ‘real people’ out there who are likely to convince your target audience of the sincerity of your brand’s goods and/or services.

The customer is becoming more suspicious every day, owing to the immense amount of unfulfilled promises made by brands online. It is then only a friend, an acquaintance or a random stranger with no personal interest in the matter, whose verdict is to be trusted.

There are certain types of social proof you can practice. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


Importance of Social Proof

A review is basically a description of the experience that your customer has had after he or she availed your products or services. It is easiest to obtain and works tremendously. It sometimes also includes ratings through ‘stars’ or providing the customer with a questionnaire. It is advisable to keep it short and to the point so as to attract the average potential reader/buyer.


Now this one is a stronger asset but is harder to get for the same reason. A testimony is like a review, only longer and more effective. The company has to provide a groundbreaking service in order to obtain a testimony from a client. And/or if you plan on ‘asking for it’ you have to make sure you are on good terms with the provider of the said testimony. Once obtained it works wondrously as a reference for possible future clients and is definitely a great medium to talk your brand up.


This is a simpler way of letting people know that you can be trusted. It’s done by showcasing the fact that you’ve worked with names in the market that have already been trusted. Yes, that simple. Just make it a point to advertise about working with established brands and the buyer will know of and be sure of your authenticity.


This the oldest trick in the book but the most difficult one to perform. It requires courage, hard work, and patience (Basically the qualities of the #HarryPotter trio). See what I did there? I made a Harry Potter reference and increased the reach resulting in more followers. This step works out best if it happens organically and the customers know that your followers are real people who can be trusted.

All in all, it’s about associating yourself with more and more real, genuine people and brands out there and having them say a good word for your cause, instead of saying it yourself.

Alright, that was it for today. Hope these tips give you a little insight into the workings of the world of digital marketing and help you achieve your goal, whatever it may be.

Now go get it. Or even better, get in a good word and make someone else get it for you!

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