How WhatsApp Business App Can Help Improve on Customer Service?

Keeping up with the ever-changing nature of the digital marketing trends Whatsapp recently introduced a full-fledged business app. Dubbed as Whatsapp Business, the app has quickly gained somewhere around 5 million business customers. Let’s look at a quick definition of Whatsapp Business app in order to gain full its full understanding

What is Whatsapp Business?

Whatsapp Business can be defined as a customer service platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to respond to customer’s queries in the shortest possible time. Business owners will further find a range of tools that will help them easily organize their interactions with customers. Some of the features that are included in the business profile can be listed as:

• Business Profiles

• Messaging Tools & Analytics

• WhatsApp Web

The increasing popularity of Whatsapp Business app has led WhatsApp to constantly work on improving its features and help business get the maximum use out of it. Hence, popular business features which were only available on mobile earlier can now be accessed on both web and desktop. Business owners will also be able to organize and filter chats while taking advantage of one-to-one customer interactions.

The Whatsapp Business API lets businesses respond to customer queries with preconceived replies. If you don’t know how to use this feature, the pre set quick reply can be initiated by typing “/” in the text input field. Businesses can also benefit from other similar features such as automated greeting messages and away messages for times when you are busy or in a place with weak network and thus unable to respond to user queries immediately.

Other features such as chat list filters and labels are available on desktop version only. Chat list filter allows you to filter chat list by categories such as unread messages and groups etc. On the other hand, labels enable businesses to organize contacts on the basis of labels. With the help of these features, the company aims to make it easier for businesses to access their Whatsapp Business profile from desktop and web rather than having to reach their mobile every time they have to respond to customer’s queries, sending invoices and scheduling appointments etc.

These customer service features are of tremendous help to businesses. It not only improves customer communication but also allows businesses to easily get customer reviews on their products and services. Some of the ways in which businesses can use WhatsApp Business App are:

Updating order status

This feature is great for updating the user about order status etc. You can also use Whatsapp Business App to send them tracking link and transaction messages.


Whatsapp Business features come handy for businesses looking for easy and cost-effective ways to marketing their products and services. Use it to send upcoming offers, new product releases, promo codes, and contest alert etc.
to the users.

Improving customer support

Providing customers with a quick support system is great for business. It will not only build trust among your customers but will also restore their faith in your products and services. Whatsapp helps the user reach out to businesses in case of issues. Resolving them at the earliest will save you from negative publicity and build a personal connection with them.

Ask for reviews and ratings

Businesses mostly depend on social media platforms for customer reviews. However, users are not always interested in giving a review until and unless they had a bad experience with you. Whatsapp business, on the other hand, can make this process easier for business and get direct and honest reviews from their customers. Make sure to use innovative ways when asking for customer feedback to motivate them to complete the desired task.

Now that you are aware of all the different ways you can use the Whatsapp Business App, let’s have a look at how managing an active business profile on WhatsApp can help you

Improved visibility

Given the highly competitive market businesses, these days have to make a lot of efforts just to maintain their visibility and stay on top. Whatsapp Business App can help businesses get better visibility, interact with customers in an easy way along with plenty of growth opportunities.

Quick communication

Fast response is the key towards making your customers satisfied and happy. Whatsapp Business lets you interact with your customers quickly. You can also create automated messages for some of the common queries thus saving the time and effort to type a reply every time without having to risk unhappy customers.

Better organization

Whatsapp business feature, ‘label’ lets businesses label and organize chats based on categories thus making it easier for you to manage it.


You can also check the analytics and get an insight into your messages thus giving businesses opportunities to constantly improve on their service.

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