Innovative Ways To Promote Hospitals Online – Marketing Strategy

Hospitals are often considered a dreaded place. Nobody wants to go there unless and until they are left with no other option. Inspiring patients to visit the hospital is not really easy. Need to follow hospital marketing strategies that will help them create a positive image among the masses while also promoting a healthy living habit.

Hospital marketing strategies will help connect with patients in a meaningful way while also increasing the patient base. However, recently the healthcare industry has witnessed a lot of competition which brings in the need for a fresh and innovative hospital marketing plan.

Here are some simple yet effective marketing strategies to promote your healthcare organization and motivate people to make informed healthcare decisions.

1- Design a responsive website

Design a responsive

People do a lot of research about the hospitals before considering a treatment unless and until there is an emergency in which case they will go for the one which is nearest and can be easily reached. But if they are doing some research about the hospitals they would like to know everything be it the doctors, quality of care and success rate etc.

Your website is the first and foremost medium that allows people to interact with you on a personal level. Hence, it should be designed in a way that makes it easier for people to find information related to health care rather than just offering details about the hospital or doctors. It should also be easy to navigate from one page to another for a happy user experience.

You should also optimize your website for search engines to make sure that people are able to find you. Majority of people do a Google search when looking for best healthcare services and if your website is not optimized for seo, chances are that it will not appear in search results. Use healthcare terminologies as keywords to improve your website’s visibility.

2- Increase your social media presence

Increase your social media presence

Social media has evolved as a wonderful medium for influencing people’s opinion. That’s not all. Having a strong social media presence also adds credibility to your brand or organization.

Given the huge potential offered by social media, marketing for health services can greatly benefit from it. Take, for instance, Facebook campaigns will help you improve your brand presence. Twitter is wonderful for making announcements or new achievements. Similarly, YouTube can be utilized for giving users an insight into your services.

You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. to create awareness about your healthcare services. It will help you stay connected with users and they are more likely to come to you in times of need.

Having a strong online reputation will allow people to choose your healthcare service over others thus helping you to stay ahead of your competition.

3- Enhance waiting room experience

If you are judicious you can turn the waiting room experience into a marketing opportunity. The patients as well the relatives of those seeking treatment present in the waiting area can be utilized as the target audience of your marketing plans. Use LED displays to provide hospital related information. This also includes promoting a service or making an announcement about the hospital.

Sharing positive stories will also help calm patients and rid them of anxiety. It will not only help you get their confidence but they can also become your spokesperson if they are happy with your services.

Satisfied patients are more likely to use the services again. They will also refer you to their family and friends thus promoting your hospital and what could be better than having your customers speak for you? Improved patient care and exceptional services will serve better than any other marketing effort.

4- Personalized Emails

Personalized email

Emails offer a great way to stay connected to your target audience. Make sure to send regular newsletter and personalized emails etc. explaining useful tips and information. This could be in a variety of forms. You can either send latest blog posts where you talk about new developments in healthcare, a video showing the working mechanism of your hospital or simply offer the necessary industry news to help them stay up to date with the happenings of the latest healthcare policies, a breakthrough in treatments etc.

If you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level you can go for personalized emails. Send informative emails to patients based on their illness. It will tell your patients that you care for them and that your services extend beyond hospital stay.

5- Optimize your website for the mobile

optimize your website For the mobile

Given the ease and availability of smartphones, more and more people are using their phone to carry out the day to day activities including searching for some information, browsing a website etc.  Hence, it is extremely important to have your website optimized for mobiles or else you will lose out on a large number of audience. You can also offer a mobile app that will help users schedule appointments, check doctor’s availability and inquire about other necessary information to improve user engagement.

6- Use data to target patients

Use data to target patients

Marketing for hospitals is changing regularly through the use of technology. Softwares like CRM give hospitals plenty of data about patients which can be constantly used for marketing opportunities. All this data can be used to increase patient base once you know how to target them.

7- Promote various specialties of your hospital

Promote various specialties of your hospital

A vast majority of people in India are still unaware of different health care services. For them healthcare mainly revolves around the family physician. They consult him/her for every medical problem they encounter. This is not only compromised with their health but also deprives other doctors from patients.

You can utilize this opportunity to promote the various specialties of your hospital and educate them why it is important for them to consult the right doctor for the concerned problem. Most people are not aware of which specialty to consult for particular disease. You can target them and promote your specialities. It will not only improve the condition of healthcare in India but also increase your patient base.

Wrapping Up!

Patients are the lifeblood of hospitals. Following these marketing tips for hospitals will help you build your brand and get more patients. There are various marketing strategy to promote your healthcare services. You should do proper research before arriving at the marketing strategy that will work for you.

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