How Eye-Catching Headlines Help In Getting More Web Traffic in 2019?

A killer blog post without a catchy headline, go unnoticed. You may not concern about the headline, but that’s how you’ll get readers interested in your blog. You might not analyse it, but your headline could be the reason you’re losing traffic.

Solely based on the headline, you can increase the traffic to your blog by as much as 500%. Not only headlines affect click-through rates, but it sets the tone and establishes the key subject of the blog.

A title or headline can have a huge impact on what the audiences take away from the blog.

A great headline is enough to seal the deal! If you’re still confused why snappy headlines are critical to your post’ success, keep reading!


There are plenty of tips that exist for crafting the perfect headline, but this is how a great one work.

The right headline must match the right post. A perfect title pulls the readers’ sense of curiosity because they need to see what inside the blog. Other types of titles might do best depending on the type of blog post you’re writing. For example, for a ‘how-to’ guide on how to drop a bad habit, you don’t know about this – blog, you might want to mention science in the headline that can force the audience to click the link.

Blog theme is what helps in refining the appropriate title.

A headline is merely a snippet of the wisdom you’re ready to unleash on your target audience, and this is what makes a great headline or title. Headlines are not about generic terms.

Specificity is key in headlines!

It gets readers curious—they just have to find out how to “Read More, 10 Places to visit in Thailand (You even don’t know about)” Consider what’s thought-provoking, amusing, suspense, informing, or entertaining about your blog.

An interesting title entices the reader, while also clarifying what the post entails!

A great title must accomplish two things:

They must appeal to the target personas

They must provide value to the target personas


The fact says – If your headline is not compelling, you’ll lose up to 80% of your target audience.


Headlines are different for a different topic. Short and to the point titles entice readers to click-through to the blog/article for an answer. If it’s a listicle, the headline should include a number, such as “10 Best Places to visit in Delhi.” Here, you’ve captured attention with a set number and intrigue—best places for an audience in need of the next trendy place to visit.

Titles that give promises to the audience to perform a similar trick. Trigger words entice and appeal readers while describing the content honestly and attractively—incorporate the how, why, what and when into your title.
It’s okay if you’re not perfect with the title. Revisions can always lead to improvement. Editing is the best tool for crafting that perfect title. Web content writer edit titles ‘n’ no. of times to get that perfect eye-catching headline.

Consider that less in the headline is definitely more, and remove words that don’t add real value to it. A great headline leaves an impact on the readers. Readers can do without the fluff here.

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It never hurts to brainstorm ideas with your colleague. It is the fact that fresh ears and eyes can bring new ideas to light. Whatever title you use, ensure it’s accurate according to the content. You need to set an expectation for readers and ensure the post delivers. Blog writing isn’t about pulling the wool over the reader’s eyes. Respect your readers’ write an honest title.


Even when everything is going well, there are plenty of reasons people are not interested in reading your content.
When you want people to read what you write, a catchy headline is your ticket in.
Like the cover of a book/novel, the title is the main focus: It’s the first thing readers will see. If you saw your title, would you want to read the blog?
A strong title garners attention and attracts readers to click the post and begin reading.

A great headline works as a marketing tool. It sells your blog/article to web visitors who, hopefully, won’t only read it, but share it with others on different social media channel.
Headlines appear in search engines, archives, links and social media sites.
A good one gets clicks, while a lacklustre one is quickly overlooked, becoming lost at sea. With an alleged five-second time span to attract readers, you need to maximize your opportunity.

You will get only one chance to make a good impression!


Headlines that tell about the best
Problem Solving Headlines
Knowledge Sharing Headlines
Experience Sharing Headlines
Listicle Headlines

(Type of headlines content marketing services in India use in for their blog)

Headlines that tell about the best

Headlines that includes the word “best” in it are powerful for search engine optimization (SEO). These types of headlines speak according to the common web searches of your customers. Consider this – if you’re searching for ways to invest money, wouldn’t you be intrigued by the best possible way? Or would you be satisfied with any old trick?

These headlines are typically exact-match searches; starting off with the words, “the best way to…”

Problem Solving Headlines

These headlines are the opposite of the ‘Best’ headlines. If your audiences are facing problems, they don’t always want to know the best way to do something or for solving a problem. Sometimes, they want to know the easiest way.

These headlines are mostly problem-solving, starting off with the words, “What to do when…”

Knowledge Sharing Headlines

We have a thing called a learning bias. No matter how wise a saying is, we only accept it as true if we trust the source. Not only that, but we’re fascinated by ultimate truths that spur us into action.

For example, if you can prove through research that having a cup of coffee energises you in the morning, people will start believing it. Content creation agency work with the same trick.

If this really works, why not to do the same with your product or service? How is it going to make your life better? Share that, but base it on research.

Experience Sharing Headlines

No doubt, the experience is the best teacher. But sometimes, the tuition is just too high. And that is the reason, smart people learn from other’s mistakes. And also from other’s success.

These headlines speak to the problems your target personas are facing and promise to deliver insight on how to deal with these problems based on experience.

Listicles Headlines

People like list posts more than other posts. They appeal to a wide audience and inspire a lot of clicks compared to other types of articles/blogs. Which is why many web content writer constantly uses them to get success.

Which version of headlines works the best? That depends on what the creator is trying to accomplish. Some are better for attracting people’s attention from social shares and while others are better for search engine optimization (SEO).

Have you come across any effective headlines lately? What category was they in? Why did you click on them? Give us a call for the best content writing services!

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