SEO v2019: 7 Great SEO Techniques to Revitalize Digital Marketing

“Google gets 78% search market share. 50% of high ranking keywords are 4 words long. Organic SEO is 5.66 times better than paid ads. 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding organic search traffic with time. 12.29% of the search queries feature as snippets. Mobile Search traffic is driven by Google by 96%.”

2019 and SEO have developed a highly perplexed relationship in the digital world. Businesses have started taking digital marketing as their sole way to succeed, hence, best digital marketing agency in India is giving out their best of performance. However, the dynamicity of this industry to so severe that within a day a whole new horizon of marketing may begin or end.

That’s why what worked in 2009 won’t work in 2019. In fact, the face of SEO has changed ever since 2018 ended!

Are you aware of the updates that happened in SEO 2019?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Walk With Your Target Audience

Yes, you don’t have to go ahead of them or walk two steps behind them. Target Audience is your currency when it comes to SEO services.

Wendy Piersall says, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

It’s ironical to think Google as an advertiser and also a promoter of content that customer wants to see. You might set high budgets of Google AdWords but if you aren’t creating content that people click, you wouldn’t even rank on SERPs. This keeps you in a cocoon; even your targeted audience can’t stop you then.

The major change that could be stated in 2019 is: It’s no more about directing traffic to your website, rather it is about directing targeted & pertinent traffic to your website.

The first step to achieve this goal is by creating relevant content. Image, Text or Video – the type will matter as well.

Research and execute the best way you can make the search experience a catwalk for your audience.

2. Celebrate Content Bonanza

Are you from 42% of the marketers who believe content marketing is the strongest pillar of lead generation for your company while 93% marketer use content marketing? Well, you’re on the winning side of the battle. At least one piece of content is daily published which results in 7.8x higher site traffic in a year.

However, this doesn’t mean content creators can exploit the opportunity with inferior or irrelevant content which doesn’t score points on originality, creativity and elucidation of the idea.

As the mean age of the digital population consists of the young generation, hence, digital intelligence has significantly grown in the past decade. Content developers have to strain their brains to produce engaging posts and actionable content.

3. Target Featured Snippet

The showstopper of SEO 2018 was snippets. However, it’s still in the hot list of SEO 2019 techniques. The secret lies in providing a structured ‘answer’ to Google’s queries. Even if you’re a small site (read fewer pages), you can get featured in the list of top-ranked sites or ‘snippet’.

The tip to feature in Google’s snippet is to create content in Q&A format, tabled content and acknowledge the audience’s queries on your website.

4. Structured Data is a Secret Ingredient

Again, as structured as you can get with your content and it’s publication, the better it gets for your chances to feature on top SERPs. Rich Snippets tend to increase 30% of Click-through-Rate.

Tips for creating structured data:

• Include tables for your content
• Rating Stars feature on your site
• Opening hours
• Nutritional Value
• Reviews
• Video Content

5. Significance of Others in lieu of Search Engine

Jeff Eisenberg says, “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” While it’s obvious that you would expect your digital marketing company to become the shepherd for your website.

But 2019 changes everything that kept marketers busy in bringing traffic to the website. The game steps up now. With the addition of subsequent features and more streamlined marketing strategies, it’s fair to expect relevant and targetted audience visiting your pages.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search being extremely successful, especially in the matured audience, the statistics reveal that 40% of Adults use voice search once a day and for 72% of users of voice-activated speakers, it’s a part of their daily routine.

As per the Search Engine Watch, local-based searches for likely to increase 3x times.

These facts points in one direction that marketers can’t miss out on optimizing voice-search industry. And mind you, it’s not as easy as the text-search industry as it varies language, country, region and dialect-wise.

Mobile rules in voice-activated devices and this becomes the first tip for optimizing voice-search. Make your website mobile-friendly. Keep the data structured so the query is directly and aptly handled via your website on top of the search result.

7. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization couldn’t run out of fashion in digital marketing. It screams right on your face and you’ve to manage it like a pro. What you need to keep rolling:

• Click-worthy meta title and description
• Pretty good quality post permalink structure
• Intelligent use of keyword density
• Make use of image optimization
• Lengthy, informative and appealing blog posts
• Take care of internal link juice flow
• Trusted & Quality external linking

Say What?

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