Web Development 101: How Full Stack Developer Completes Your Company?

Full stack web developers are becoming a new ‘Must-Have’ of the website development industry. The companies are pitching for fully-trained and experienced professionals who could handle everything and anything that directly brings down the cost implied on the company.

Why should you bother about being a full-stack develop or hire one?

It’s said that if you’re looking out for a job or job change, then you must go through the job description provided by the companies on the various job listing sites. Why so? This gives a clear idea of what’s streaming hot in the market. The skills you must have to be ‘The One’ in your new company.

So, when it comes to the getting a job in best web development services India, then becoming a ‘FULL STACK DEVELOPER’ should become your aspiration!

Are you an entrepreneur who’s wondering, why you should hire a full stack developer in your team?

Well, there’s nothing more appealing to have a package of software experience in just one individual. It cuts down your expenses. You get a professional who could solve various problems at your command.

What are the software packages that one should excel in order to become a Full Stack Developer?

It’s a common belief that a T-shaped skill set is ideally required from the person who is in web design and development services India.

Don’t panic to know more about T-shaped skillsets. A T-shape professional is the one who owns a good number of skills in board category but is fully trained in a specific direction. In case of a T-shape web developer, you may have the working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, Python and My SQL but your speciality could be JavaScript.

That’s one package an employer can’t say no to.

Like Godfather says,

“I’ll make an offer that you can’t refuse!”

Here’s what you should excel at, in order to make such an offer:

1. Front-End Development

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A front-end developer is a bridge between coded information and readable information for users. They are the creators of web design that’s accessible by the layman and has tools with which users can interact with the website content.
Top web technologies for front-end development:

• HTML 5

To create a feature-rich web application, HTML 5 has to be your best friend. Almost every website supports HTML plugins. That irritating ‘Install Adobe Flash Player’ popups are almost gone from the internet ever since HTML brought its in-built multimedia and embedding modules.

As mobile applications have risen widely, HTML 5 has made the user experience seamless with easy-to-flow tools and plugins.


It’s the modern front-end development HTML tool that adds advanced features to website application. With its highly effortless and new-fashioned look, developers relish great control over the layout. It saves ample of time that goes into reading through the lines to edit a single piece of content.

On top of the website presentation, web pages load faster using cache that enhances user experience even at lower browsing speed.

• JavaScript

JavaScript language is the foundation of web development. However, being the basic building language, JS can overwhelm you easily. Learning basics of JS are easy and you might feel you’re almost there to be called ‘Master of JS’ but the game begins from there. Learning advanced JS includes getting the hang of AJAX- synchronous JavaScipt, jQuery- JavaScript library and more. They make dynamic web design a dream-come-true!

2. Back-End Development

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As the name suggests, back-end development is basically the complex logic-oriented coding that connects the complete website for it to work well on the internet. For a layman, it’s simply the magic happening in the background.

A user has no darn use of what’s written behind the curtains of an appealing website. Usually, a front-end developer is responsible to contour the website. After which a back-end developer takes over to create a fully-working website with all the buttons, functionalities and forms working flawlessly.

Top technologies for back-end developers:

• Java

Java qualifies to be called an ancient language that is still used for major application development. A Java developer is responsible for design, development and management of Java-based application. What are exclusively offered by Java is scalability, cross-platform usage and powerful memory management.


This server-side language has all modern frameworks which is used to design, develop and edit information in the database. All the database is written in the SQL language. It has the ability to contact with the client side. It’s a leading technology as almost 30% developers acknowledge its worth in the business.

• .NET

.NET is a part of Microsoft’s framework which is a server-side technology. The programmers are able to build dynamic and application-rich websites. Because of its library, a drastic decrease is coding time is observed. Relatively safer applications are built.

3. Database

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In order to deal with complex coding, redundant codes and size of data, database technologies took off the market right away. It stores, organizes and processes structured information in a way that programmers don’t fall into the loops of coding.

Top databases in use:

• Cloud
• XQuery

4. Mobile Application Development

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Mobile application development has recently evolved in parallel with the rise of the operating system for mobile devices. It’s similar to web application when it comes to coding however the technologies used slightly vary.

• PhoneGap
• Appcelerator
• Xamarin
• Sencha Ext JS
• MonoCross
• Adobe Build
• NativeScript

Should You Hire Full Stack Developer?

Well, there’s a long due discussion with doesn’t seem to meet the bay of conclusion on this debate but weighing the positives and negatives of the situation will lead you to a decision.

If you’re in need of a long-term programmer in your company, then you may consider hiring a full stack developer but that might affect the quality of a specialized professional.

In such a case, you must hire a web design and development agency like us who can give you the full package of developers at an economical price.

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