Step by Step Guide to Food Delivery App Development

The eating habits of people have greatly changed over the past few years. Now more and more people are using food delivery services to order their meal. This huge dependence on food ordering apps has created tremendous business opportunities for food delivery business. While there are many ways to grow your food delivery business having an app is crucial to its success. Here is some cool reason why your food delivery business needs a mobile app:

• The market size of an online food delivery business is ever increasing. Having a mobile app will further pave the way for new growth opportunities.

• Having a mobile app will increase both convenience and transparency for your users thus helping build trust among them.

• A good mobile app will help you retain old customers and increase the possibility to attract new ones.

• A mobile app will further offer you a lot of customization feature to help target the right audience and increase your profit

Now that you have made up your mind to invest in a food delivery app, here is a list of things you need to keep in mind before investing in a food ordering app development

• Features

Make sure that your food app has all the necessary features. A simple and easy to use interface will help more and more people use your app and thus increase its popularity.

Some of the must-have features to include in your food delivery app are:

1. Estimated time of delivery
People ordering food online look forward to prompt service. Giving them a rough estimate of time will help them choose restaurants according to their time availability.

2. Food menus and search
Factors like open hours and menus etc. can greatly help users when trying to order food.

3. Easy and secure payment options
Given the rise in online frauds, people have become wary of choosing online payment options. Make sure that your payment gateway is SSL protected as it will increase trust among the users.

4. Real-time location tracking
The tracking feature is another important factor to include in your food delivery app. People love to know the whereabouts of their order and this will help them stay informed.

5. Customer Feedback
People love to write about their experience when they love something. Giving them a space to do so will add credibility to your food delivery app.

• Technology

Technology is always changing and having an app which is up to date will help you gain new customers as well as maintaining the regular ones.

• Delivery Partners

A food delivery app connects users with their favorite restaurants but you need people to make the delivery. Having a team of well-trained delivery partners will help improve the quality of your service thus making sure that more and more people are using your app to order food.

• Restaurants partners

If you are in a food delivery business you might say yes to every restaurant who wants to partner with you. But this may not necessarily lead to an increase your users. You have to be judicious when selecting the partners. Opt restaurants with high ratings and positive reviews. Check them on a range of criteria such as taste, variety, hygiene, and presentation etc.

Now that you know everything about food delivery app requirements, the following is a step by step guide to help you build a successful food delivery app

1. Researching the target audience

The very first step towards developing your mobile app is deciding on your target audience and researching the market for it. As it goes food apps are mostly used by people who have a busy lifestyle which may include students and working professionals etc.

Before you start, make sure to do in-depth research about the target audience, market size etc. and have all the necessary information that you may need during your food delivery mobile app development process.

Furthermore, do a competitor’s analysis so as to learn from their practices and use them to your advantage.

2. Choosing the right technology

Technology is an important aspect to consider when building a food delivery app. Hence, given the budget and depending on the features needed the technology may vary from PHP to ruby. Other features to consider are deciding between Android and iOS, native or hybrid mobile apps etc.

3. Functions and features to include

Deciding on a food delivery app framework can be confusing. A food delivery app should be easy to use. It should further include all the necessary features. Once you decide to build a food delivery app you might be tempted to include all the possible features. But this will not only increase your budget but make your app complex to operate.

4. Deciding food delivery app development cost

Cost is an important factor to consider when deciding to build your food delivery app. Depending on the number of features you are planning to include, the technology you have selected and the food delivery app development team you have hired the final pricing may exceed your budget. The important thing is to make sure that your food delivery app has maximum feature, is simple and easy to use and doesn’t increase the cost beyond your budget.

Things you should keep in mind when deciding the budget

* Food ordering android app development costs less than an iOS app development

* The cost may also vary depending on whether you want to have social media integration or not

* Developing a backend panel may cost you more money but is cheaper in the long run

You should also take into account the maintenance cost that will be required to upgrade it to the latest version after it has been released in the market.

5. Launch and testing

Once your food delivery app is ready, testing the app for any possible bugs and errors before it is being launched in the market is extremely important. A beta launch will give an insight into the possible errors which can be fixed before the final launch of the food delivery app.

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