Avoid These 6 Mistakes in your E-commerce Website Development

If there’s anything that is ruling the internet these days it is the E-commerce business. Users today are constantly on a search for their favorite products and e-commerce has given them a way out. Selling online has opened up a huge market for doing business. Now even local shops get to keep their “open hours” alive for 24/7. But running an online business is one of the aspects which entirely depends on your e-commerce website development.

A good web design for online store should always take care of its UI but but there are some unavoidable mistakes that occur during development.Though most of them are easy enough to fix, do try to avoid these silly yet noticeable mistakes at the time of development.

1. Mind the Insufficient or Mismatched product descriptions

Product descriptions play a major role in enhancing the selling proposition for a business. Product descriptions are the content matter that your customer sees, understands and get persuaded from. Thus, it is important for your e-commerce site to take great care in writing the descriptions. But with thousands of products on display, there are times when product descriptions are wrongly written, thus creating confusion for your customers.

• Create unique product descriptions for every product so that you are not mistaken with its details while uploading the information.

• Every minute detail like size, weight, height and colour should be provided up front for all customers to see.

• Put down the details in a very easy language so that everybody could apprehend the gist of it.

2. Put up Clear and large product images

Images are the only reference to the products you are selling. So keep your images as clear as possible. Grainy images with distorted shapes and colours are bound to flip some negative reviews from your customers.

• Provide larger images and if not possible add the option of zooming.

• Take photos from every angle, giving a 3600 view of the product.

• You may also insert a short video showing the product from all sides.

• Do not display a single image. Use multiple photos for one product.

3. Frame Search option at an accessible position

There’s no greater enemy of your e-commerce store than poor navigation and the unavailability of search option. Though every e-commerce solutions company takes the utmost care with the placing of Search and other such options on the website, it sometimes skips the notice. But, the truth is that a well-placed search option will always be a supporter of your conversion rate. If a customer gets to search on your website to his heart’s content, then he is definitely going to put down an order in future.

• Place the option at the top where it is visible

• Write the text in bold for all to see

4. Keep your checkout process easy

A complicated checkout process can dampen the mood of your customers. This would be a disastrous mistake of all. You have to make it very easy and short for your customers so that they do not turn away in the middle of the process. A checkout process should consist of shipping information and date of delivery.

• Do not make multiple pages. Keep everything at one page

• Give a structured layout of your bill for ease of use by the customer.

• Keep the option of Guest User for quick checkout in case the users do not want to sign up.

5. Do not hide your Policies

Customers today are actually keen on understanding the perks of buying from a store first. Thus, it is imperative for your e-commerce portal design to have your shipping policies, return policies and others at one place. Be upfront with your customers. Hiding valuable information could cost you your orders in one go.

• Use FAQs on your policy page so that customers can connect their thoughts with the given queries.

• Categorize each and every problem Like “Payment related issues” or “Return related issues” and so on.

6. Create a responsive design

It would be a great help for your business if you could make it responsive. Users do not just browse on their desktops. Rather in this era, it is the mobile handsets that users are glued to. Ensure that you have a mobile-optimized website if you still do not have a mobile application of your own.

These are some of the common mistakes that are made by E-commerce startups at the beginning of their journey. These trivial mistakes should be taken into consideration before they result in something big. Keep a keen eye on what you are missing and you will definitely create a masterpiece that your customers would enjoy.

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