8 Things You Should Never Miss in Your E-commerce Website Design

An ecommerce portal design is the conversion magnet for any business. It’s similar to the storefront of any brick-and-mortar seller. If your website has a high appeal, customers will definitely get lured to your business like a moth to a flame. Though you must have thought of some really interesting marketing strategies for your online business, do not forget that website design is the face of any business. So, if you want to make an impactful impression on your visitors and prompt them towards the purchase, create a design that they can’t help but navigate.

Creating a result-driven website takes countless researches to understand and perceive customer behaviour. Here are some of the suggestions that can help in your e-commerce solutions development that your customers will like at first glance.

1. Keep your Categories in a Clear View

The first requirement for any online business after choosing the perfect e-commerce platform lies in placing the categories effectively on the Home page. Customers love a website that shows them everything in a transparent view. Thus, this important content should be placed in front where it could not be missed at any cost. The headings of your categories should be written in Bold to make them more visible. Like for fashion business, display whatever products you are selling are such as ‘Tops’, ‘Bottoms’, ‘Shirts’ etc.

2. Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You offer ‘Free Delivery’, ‘24/7 customer service’ or ‘30 days return policy’, whatever your features are, try to focus them on your Home page. It would do a lot of good for your business if you could display your competitive advantages prominently. Remember these USPs are your strengths and feel no hesitancy in showing them to your customers. Any e-commerce solutions company would readily show why it is beneficial for the customers to buy from them. Hence, put your foot down and add these features to your page.

3. Upload high-quality Images

Images are the essence of any e-commerce website design business. And a neat and captivating presentation of your products would give your customers a clear idea on what you are selling. Dull and grainy images are generally rejected at first look, hence try to give your images a polished finishing before uploading them on the website. Since your customers cannot be in physical proximity to your product, it is very essential for you to present images that give a realistic appearance.

4. Give a Crisp & Detailed Description of Products

A product description is another important aspect for your product page next to images. The description should be present besides the image and should be informational rather than a promotional one. Say if you are selling a boot, be specific about its manufacturing peculiarities like fabric/material, design and even adjoining styling tips. Adding reviews of your product would also be a nice addition in your user-generated content. Now-a-days brands are also encouraging the Instagrammed posted pictures on their website to show the popularity of the product.

5. Create a Resolute Shopping Cart

Customers always return to their favourite e-commerce stores to have a look at any new addition or keep a check on their chosen products. But think how disappointed they would be if they could not find their selected products in the bag.

So, create a persistent shopping cart that will keep them informed about their abandoned product in addition to keeping their saved products in the cart for future browsing. Platforms like Shopify and Magento have such a feature which makes them popular among every e-commerce development company in India.

6. Clear Call-To-Action Buttons

Call-To-Action buttons are the route towards conversion, therefore add the buttons in contrast to your web page colour. It is the best way to highlight their presence. Use right- sized buttons because having an awkward size one would ruin the entire effect of the page. Thus, the main idea is to make these buttons visible and result-oriented.

7. Exhibit your discounts with abandon

During your e-commerce portal development, keep a destined place for displaying your discounts and offers on the website. Every customer looks for the surprises, so tune in your sale with some monthly or festive offers whenever you can. It will keep them engaged to your website once in a while.

8. Be instructive About your Service

Customers are apprehensive about shopping through a website since they are not able to touch and see their products. This creates confusion about the size or fabric of the product they are buying. Therefore it would be helpful if you could include all the basic information about your Return or Exchange Policy. You can also acquaint them with your payment info and encourage them to ask any purchase related query.


For an online store, a website is the body and soul of the business which makes it essential for every owner to build a website that is customer-centric and creates an urgency of purchase among them. So, develop a website that truly reflects your business stature and builds the eagerness to purchase among your customers.

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