5 Digital Marketing Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

59% of entrepreneurs believe Virtual Assistance (VA) has burned down the burden. Estimated reach of the VA market is 12.12 billions USD in 2020. Experts working remotely in comparison to in-house environment are scientifically more productive.

In the times of brimming entrepreneurs, staying plugged with technological advances is not just a luxury rather need of the hour. Up-scaling your company might cost you bucks, however, have you heard of Virtual Assistants?

Who are Virtual Assistants?

Experts housing talent and experience who enjoy working remotely for their client companies are called Virtual Assistants. That’s it? Well, there are enormous perks that only entrepreneurs can imagine in their dreams but realize them only by hiring a VA for their company.

What are the tasks you can delegate to a VA?

Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not but becoming Ironman isn’t that difficult now. Your Virtual Assistant is your Jarvis in real life. There’s a long list of tasks that a personal VA can fulfill for you, virtually. A starter pack of virtual assistant services:

• Handle digital marketing for your company

• Hire in-house for you

• Do online market research

• Make data analysis and management

• Keep planner of your upcoming tasks

Since, the exhaustive list might take a day to complete so moving on to how your personal VA can help you manage the most intrinsic yet cumbersome task in ease.

5 Tasks to Delegate to Digital Marketing Agency

Outsourcing is ruling the business world for its ample of advantages including higher productivity, lesser budget spending and new-fashioned digital techniques to upsurge your online presence.

1. Social Media Marketing

Does managing tens of social media platform with several handles give you shivers? Well, whether its Facebook ads, twitter views or Instagram follows- you name it and your VA will do all time-sucking tasks daily without fail.

2. Email Marketing

Please don’t ponder upon the existence of email marketing. It’s live and strong. Target your audience with informative newsletters, auto-responders, reminders or other tricks & treats of the email marketing. However, if you just don’t have time for keeping up with that then virtual assistance services will save your precious time and earn you invaluable credibility.

3. Content Marketing

Let’s take your time and say, “If marketing is the king then content is the queen.” Creation is tedious and if finding your way through words isn’t your forte then you’d need help. Hiring a regular employee will add much into your company’s economy but paying as per your workflow will eventually take care of your return on investment.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Website traffic needs a dynamic, updated and digital mastermind to tweak up the results. If you’re a start-up with a small budget or a large enterprise, you’d need search engine optimization for improving retention rate, lead generation and web traffic. For all solutions, outsource your company’s digital marketing to experts who’d love to do it for you.

5. Blog Management

As per the studies, three website blog posts a week are bare minimum to bring positive outcomes on SERPs. From keyword research, idea development to content creation, you can’t go wrong if you’ve a VA on board. While you’re busy running your business, the trivial task of blog management will be well taken care of.

Lookout for Virtual Assistants

In the goldmine of talent, finding a good virtual assistant could be a tiresome task for an entrepreneur. Let’s cut to the chase and define parameters to find your ‘The One’:

1. Decide Your Budget

Your budget will decide how much you can spend on the services of a VR and project scope. This will also determine experience and location of the expert.

2. Write a Detailed Job Description

Only you can define your expectation from the hired expert, hence, write a detailed job description that will screen out the best profiles to choose from.

3. Shortlist the Profile

Create a list of experts who collide with your requisite and checkout their portfolio. Before you go ahead with them, make sure their work is coherent with what they claim.

4. Set up an Interview

Likewise a regular employee hiring process, you need to interview the potential profiles to understand their abilities better. Also, this will help you to enunciate your company’s goals and requirements.

The Final Word : “Time is Money”

Virtual Assistance services in India are creating a swirl in the digital market. Being ahead of time is your only option. So, tuck your belt, reduce your cost and get started with our experts for impeccable and result-oriented digital marketing for your company.

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