Get Ready! All New Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 are Coming Your Way

Changes and updates can never be out of the realm of digital marketing. It’s a matter of few days and we are going to step into another year full of technological improvements, excitements and discoveries.

For digital marketers, it is about keeping ahead of the curve while adopting new trends.

Yes, this is what 2019 is going to bring for all of us!!

Have a look at what’s in the store for you.

1. IGTV by Instagram

Instagram marketing is gaining much appreciation these days. Every e-commerce business wants to advertise its product on this platform. The interest prompted by this platform could be vastly seen because of the appealing card-like layout that makes it easier for mobile users to view posts.

Keeping in mind the ease of viewing for the mobile users, IGTV seems to have a promising future in advertising products. It is a standalone vertical video application by Instagram launched this year for mobile users and seems to get quite popular in use by next year. It will encourage the video content but at the same will be exclusive for mobile, unlike other video streaming platforms.

2. The Rise of Voice Search

Heard about Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant?

Yes, these all are going to be the big players among the Digital Marketing Trends of 2019. Estimates show that in near future, nearly 50% of the searches will be done through voice. This will be an important improvement in SEO which will lead to the optimization of featured snippets, long-tail keywords, Local SEO, UI and Schema Metadata in a voice-oriented format.

So, the SEO specialist needs to understand the vocal concept of the customer and prepare the content accordingly.

3. Get Famous with Chatbots

Marketing Automation is what businesses are looking forward to in 2019 and thus the collaboration with Chatbots. This will bring more leverage to social media marketing through the power of vocal communication. It gives a more realistic and somehow authentic bend to the marketing.

With chatbots the customers could directly ask queries, get information or even make a purchase on the platform. Chatbots will refine your service by reducing the customer wait time without any need for a live representative.

4. Programmatic Advertising

This is going to be one of the top-notch digital marketing trends of 2019. This is also based on automation technology that makes use of AI to automate ads in a region or for a particular customer. Being a fast and efficient method, it gives a higher conversion.

Programmatic Advertising allows real-time decisions like bidding or auctions that will help them to reach the specific group of audience for a more contained effect.

5. Live Video in Vogue

The scope of video marketing is obviously escalating day by day. But unlike YouTube video streaming, Live Videos are an “unscripted” version that might even show your imperfect side.

But, the interesting thing is that people do want to hear what you really are.

A large number of businesses are using Live Videos these days for showing their conferences, concerts, demos, backstage scenes, product manufacturing etc. to their viewers and with a high-quality camera in our smartphones, creating such videos is an easily accomplished task.

6. Prepare for Enhanced Google Search

Embedding keywords on your website and performing off-page optimization are no more the only discussed strategies for SEO these days. Now optimization has become an integral part of Featured Snippets as well. These are regarded as the traffic boosters for any website.

But, featured snippets are chosen from the content written therein, therefore it is very essential to prepare the content in form of paragraph, list and table format which is more likeable to Google.

7. Pay attention to Micro Moments

Speed is of the essence for a customer. He wants information in the fastest way possible making these Micro Moments an important part of Digital Marketing trends of 2019. As said by Google, Micro Moments is a “new consumer behaviour” which are intent-rich and strike the customer’s conceptions head-on, like the “I want-to-know”, “I want-to-go” or “I want-to-buy” moments where the decision making takes place in a snap.

Thus, marketers need to pay a lot of attention in settling their Micro Moments because these are what going to meet your consumer’s needs at the end.

8. Visual Search will dominate

The online searches are not limited to the text or voice. The SEO technology has got another segment to worry about, the visual or image search. Big brands like Pinterest, Bing are making use of visual search to jazz up the marketing game. The Lens feature brought in by Pinterest allows users to make their visual search by capturing ideas from nearby objects and giving them related options. Image SEO though prevalent for a number of years still needs to improve better by SEO-friendly alt text, image sitemaps, image titles and original image content.


Personalization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence are all the key factors to make the digital marketing trends of 2019 more of a customer-centric undertaking. Stay ahead in the race and create mind-boggling campaigns that will shake the marketing world.


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