#SocialMediaCreatives : 7 Designing Trends to Follow in 2019

“32% of social media marketers favour visual content over written and 80% of social marketer use images in their daily posting. Interestingly there are 10 Million viewing minutes per day for video content.”

Social media is a business place for blooming companies and startups. The waves of newbies have made Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram look like the safe arena for any business. To make a company look good, visual content marketing gets much importance on these platforms.

However, can you remain tight with techniques and keep producing mundane designs? Of course, nope!

Fresh content, fresh designs and fresh package on social media are the factors to affect viewership.

Are your graphic designs fed with enough creativity?

Let’s have a look at design trends which robust your social media’s reach and engagement:

Borders, Borders, Go Away

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Borders have always been classic trends for aeons but it’s finally time to say goodbye to the restricting lines. Many people believed that borders give authoritative look to the creatives which gave a strong impression on customers.


However, social media management companies in India are going the other way. Images that substantially have visual content needs no border. They must run and spill to impact a larger audience.

Minimalism Is The Way

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While the platforms have already defined ads rules like static images shouldn’t have more than 20% text make the work more complex than simple. Now the designers have to speak more through their art.

Whether it is colour scheme they choice or type of palette they follow, everything has to be on-point. Ask yourself before adding a single line- “Why am I doing this?”

Also, if it’s a textual image, Less is More!

Define The Goal

Well, if you’re creating something without the image in mind then you’re sure to spend hours on your computer and finally, get nothing out it.

Social media marketing services in India are done keeping the audience in mind. Your images communicate with the people and you get a small window of attention to make that impact. Consider it smaller than a millisecond before you’re scrolled down.

For this, the image should do justice with the brand’s audience. That is, it should be as per the target audiences taste, age and demand.

Get Them Contrast

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The contrast gives you an easy way to bring super quick attention to your content. The human brain works on this format.

Give a great contrast to your graphics.

Black-White goes for serious or dark business, blue-white goes good for IT & Software companies and Bright colour popping palette are fashion industry’s staple diet.

Focus On, Rest-Blurred!

If you have an eStore and you have products to sell then you have to go out-n-out there. Drop the notion that subtle introduction of your product makes a pretty impression of your brand.

Yes, don’t get afraid to get obvious. You hardly have got a moment to make it or lose it. Scroll-breaking graphics has to be about your product.

Offbeat & Broken

Relax! We’re not talking about the generation (Ha-ha!). In fact, we’re talking about the graphics which break rules. It’s the experimental year, you can go as wild with your imagination you want to go.

Unstructured text, crisp lines or wide layouts are all in your bucket to use. Ultimately, the more different you are from the clutter on the social media platform, the better it gets for you to buy the attention of your audience.

Expand Your Design Trend Gallery

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Modern designs are the way to go. Pinterest, Facebook or Google are your best friends to find trending designs. It might get your designing nerves to freak out but two things you need to follow while designing:

1. It is as per the trend

2. It has an exceptional element to it

You might ask how is it possible to mix these two rules?

Well, that’s where your creativity is tested. The essential factor is to stay relevant and stay unique.

Conclusion, Designers!
As the year passes, the trend in the digital market changes. As designers, you’ve to keep things exciting and please millions of eyes with single graphics. You really can’t find many reasons to not flex your creative muscles. If you need help, our designers work with our social media management agency to bring out the best of creative designs.

Cheers to your many viral graphics to come!

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