How to Multifold E-commerce Conversion Rate? [ 16 GREAT CRO Techniques Explained ]

“The purpose of driving traffic to your online business is to get customers. Once a prospect lands on your website, you still have to convert that prospect into a buyer.” – Marc Ostrofsky, Entrepreneur

CRO techniques

E-commerce websites work on a funnel when it comes to conversion. From the total number of users who land on your website, only 3.3% of those users would end up making a transaction. This data reveals that major loss of users occurs due to ecommerce portal design of product page, i.e. when the customer is viewing the products. And only 14.5% of users actually proceed further by adding items to their cart. Any e-commerce retailer can use this data as guiding light to improve its bounce rate.

The conversion rates are nothing but the number of people ‘purchasing’ a service or product by the total number of people adding to the list of ‘traffic’. You might get surprised to know that only 2.86% of global online buyers are converted while the rest number of people abandon the checkout process at some point. However, the retargeted visitors tend to have a higher conversion rate. While the industries enjoying the ripe fruits of e-commerce are Publishing & Entertainment, Electronics, Business Services and Gaming & Software.

Whether or not your company falls under these industries, you shouldn’t miss out on taking your business online. Cushla Sherlock from Credit-Suisse says, “The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.”

Are you already wondering what are the latest CRO techniques that could give a break?

We’ve enlisted the best & aptest strategies which will help you to score good points on digital marketing of your e-commerce business.

The E-Commerce CRO Techniques to Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rate

The search for cost-effective e-commerce website solution ends here because these CRO techniques are in alignment with current trends of digital marketing. Moreover, you get to accomplish the ultimate aim of lead generation.


UI/UX of the Website

CRO techniques

As per the fashion, we as ecommerce web design company India suggest our clients go the minimalist way. When it comes to e-commerce website design, “Less is More”.

Design that flows naturally, doesn’t distract the continuity of the content and displays products impressively, would gain many thumbs up.

Research on the colour psychology of your industry and maintain the congruency all over the site.

Functionality & buttons should be well placed that guide the customers rather than confuse them.

Creative Copy & Oriented Layout

CRO techniques

Did you ever think every word you write would be well read by your viewers?

* Quick Snap *

This only happens in dreams!

As per the research, human eyes scan through the website. The safest orientations to place your content are F-shape or Z-shape.

These are the hotspots which enable the reader to grasp most of the information.

Our experts suggest that if you’re updating a webpage with images & text then Z-shape is the best fit. However, for pure text on a webpage, F-shape clasp better views.

Yupple is known for the best e-commerce website development in India because our experts understand the knick-knack of web copies. Whether it’s banner on your site, product description or ads, we’ll keep you true to the trends.

Personal Touch to Create a Distinct Identity

CRO techniques

There’s myriad of websites that follow a similar colour scheme, sell similar products and/or write identical content. Maybe you’ve to follow the pattern like them but still can you create the identity that differentiates you?

Well, of course!

There’s so much to do with your e-commerce website. Most importantly, add your personality in it. While you might like to go crazy with design or get quirky with words- the balance of both could drive traffic to your site.

You can set a tone of your business, imagine a unique layout of your website or play with words that engage your clients.

Navigation Through the Website

CRO techniques

This is quite an influential step for you. The list of best ecommerce solutions can’t be complete without mentioning about the navigation of the site.

Check whether for a new customer, are you able to cater to them an easy navigation system or not?

The particulars of navigation include a menu bar, home page link, Call-to-Action buttons and lots of interlinking. What’s important is that you don’t miss out at any point of time to interest the client to click further into your pages.

This is the funnel where most of the customers are lost during their browsing experience.

Did you notice how Amazon keeps its Navigation flawless?

Using elements like ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, ‘Reviews’, ‘Product Comparison’, ‘Also Bought With This’ sections on the product pages engage the potential buyer for a longer time. Its pages are so optimized that people don’t get lost in the jungle of products but strategically view products as per their query.

Remain Informative and Allergic to Obsolete Text

CRO techniques

The panic is real. Buyers think, rethink and re-re-think and so on. It’s natural and seller has to deal with it. Whatever they’re buying is in front of them without the touch & feel of the product.

To reduce their worries, you must speak through words and images about the products. Utilize your space for ‘Product Description’ and tactically insert USP of products that urge the customers to just buy it that very moment.

Obviously, don’t overload the text with more ‘unbelievable’ description or ‘call out’ text as you don’t want the tag of ‘wannabe seller’. Write simple, understandable and to-the-point descriptions which doesn’t question your genuity.

Social Repo & Social Proof

CRO techniques

When we talk about social repo, it’s the words which come to one’s mind upon hearing the name of the brand.

Let’s take the example of Amazon; it is related to Affordable, Everything-At-Once and Fastest Delivery. Flipkart relates to Discounts and Options. Alibaba gives the impression of cheap, bulk and global shipping.

What do you think of your brand? What are the best adjectives for your brand?

Work in the direction of sourcing feedback from your buyers. Add features like ‘Rate the product’, ‘how-to-use video’ and ‘Review section’ on your website.

Further, into the way of growing positive repo, look out for options like influencer marketing. Can you sign a public figure for advertising your product?

But, why do you need to do all this anyway?

Sociology studies prove that people are designed to follow where the herd is going. This is why ‘word-of-mouth’ is severely important.

Checkout Process & Forms

Dreadful! Think yourself as a customer and imagine would you like to type every detail of your life just to buy a pair of socks? Nope.
Keep the checkout process compact and only ask for details like Name, Phone Number, Shipping Address, Payment Details. That’s it!

You don’t need date of birth, marital status, likes, dislikes, etc in the checkout process unless essentially required as per the services you’re providing.

While building the form, you might think, more information means better optimization of the account but the truth is you are at higher risk of losing a potential buyer.

Instead, a better solution to this problem is by integrating social media handles.

Have you noticed how some of the websites allow users to sign up into their websites using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Accounts and more? That’s how you get your subscribers and lesser bounce rate at the registration step.

Offer Free Shipping

CRO techniques

Remember, ‘FREE’ word releases dopamines!

Don’t think too much before making the call to add ‘Free Shipping’ in your offerings to your loyal customers.

Keep a certain limit if you may please but ‘Free Shipping’ becomes a USP for a website.

Customers simply don’t like the idea of spending money on delivery charges. And they won’t blink an eye to click on that RED CROSS and discover the similar product on other portals.

Let them stick on your site for they can add & order products of their choice at NO DELIVERY charges!

Quick Tip: This can become a star benefit during your marketing campaigns.

Offer More Than Expected: Discount Codes

CRO techniques

The truth is, pricing of the product is upon the brand. There is always some margin where you can introduce promo codes for your loyal customers.

There are Public, Private and Restricted types of promo codes which can be:

• Introductory
• Free Gift
• Buy 1 Get 1
• Flash Deals
• Daily Deals

You can create exclusive discounts to retarget buyers who abandoned their carts on your e-commerce site. Abandoning of carts could be significantly reduced through ‘EXTRA DISCOUNTS!’. Here, email marketing will save you many times.

Allow them to be Your Guests before Becoming a Family Member

There are younger people contributing to the digital age which means marketing tact awareness in the targetted audience is higher than what it was earlier. Today, you can’t fool them with REGISTER to move ahead.

It’s understandable that you want to increase your membership data. However, people also don’t want their inbox to be filled with tons of marketing emails.

This is why, if you are putting a register first form on your site and not giving away the jest of your products, then bounce rate is bound to increase exponentially.

Rather, let them explore your website, add products to their bag and then while they proceed to pay for it, ask them to register first. This increases their experience with the site and feels more comfortable while shopping.

Remember, ‘Lesser the hassle, better the results!’

Don’t Buzz Too Much

Banner Here, Banner There, Banner Everywhere!

No… A big no to this!

What worked 15 years ago won’t work now. Blackhat SEO was a trend where marketers poured keywords on the sites and kept customers busy with loads of advertisement.

Now you do that only to get blacklisted by Google crawlers.

Clean and sophisticated outlook should ride your mind when you contact an ecommerce development company in India.

Also, while displaying products, give importance to white space and don’t load more than 3 products at one screen space.

Is it Fast Enough?

CRO techniques

Test the speed of your website. Simple. You don’t want to lose 53% of your customers because the site couldn’t load within 2 seconds.

However ridiculous it may sound to you but customers lose interest and trust in your services if you keep the snail rolling on their screen.

Here’s what to do:
• Fix your hosting plan if it’s not set on the Turbo settings
• Optimize the graphics if to reduce the loading
• Minimalize your code
• Remove unnecessary features & CTA buttons on your site
• Boost server response time

This CRO technique alone gives a 7% boost to your conversion rate.

Get SEO & CRO on Your Team

CRO techniques

SEO & CRO are two entirely different zones but if you could nail them both, nothing’s stopping you.

SEO can make the content look mechanic. Since it is done on purpose, the user might get frustrated by seeing keywords on your page.

And CRO is done to tempt the customers to buy the product that very moment.

What you’re required to do is to bridge the purpose of both and somehow make it work.

While SEO will take care of your page’s ranking; CRO will increase conversion rate.

Reviews & Testimony

CRO techniques

Reviews are the bricks on which your company’s profile is built and testimonies are proof of its authenticity.

It’s relaxing to see what other buyers have to say about a product and the services of your brand. Also, as they scroll down to find ratings, their confidence is well boosted.

Nothing’s better than video testimonies as ecommerce solutions.

Add Checkout Progress Bar Feature

Digital Marketing

Keeping the checkout process simple, crisp and short is important. This would require you to cut full process into a few steps.

You must display the progress bar on top of the page so that your customers don’t panic and leave in midway.

The progress bar also affirms that their purchase would end in certain steps.

This is how they like to see it on their screen:

1. Shipping Information: This is an automated page which displays the information of all products that the user has added in their bucket. Allow them to finally ‘TICK’ the ones they’d like to make the transaction for and rest could stay in ‘BUY LATER’ list. This space also asks the user to add shipping address if it’s not saved already.

2. Shipping Method: If you’re providing Express and Standard Delivery options then you may add this step else skip it right away!

3. Payment Method: Give them as many options as you can for making the payment, for example, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card, Online Wallets and Site Coins.

4. Order Preview: Display the bill receipt and products that they are buying to reduce the confusion and the user going back (read cancelling the process) to once see the products before making the transaction.

5. Order Confirmation: This amazing screen should be your favourite. Whether outsourced or built-in the transaction gateway, make it the best experience for your customer with standard quality.

Filters & Search Bar

CRO techniques

E-commerce without a search bar is like a car without a steering! Let customers find what they want and dexterously suggest them your high selling products.

The search bar is for customers who exactly know what they want and filters are for the users who want to browse through your collection category wise.

Categorizing your products will, of course, make your website look more professional and sorted from the customer’s point of view.

The Final Words:

These techniques couldn’t have been further explained but we’d love to know your inputs on them. Have you tried these on your e-commerce website yet? If not, knock us down with your queries and we’d like to get your doubts out of your system.

Hey, one last thing, don’t you think our partnership would lead you into a greater ROI and successful business? As a company for ecommerce website development in India, we’re sure to give you the much-required boost!

Thanks for hanging out with us and stay tuned to our latest blogs!

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