Consider These 10 Best Platforms for Your E-commerce Website

Starting your own business? Want to give a seamless shopping experience to your customers? The solution lies in choosing the perfect e-commerce platform that best fits your business demands.

Considering the age of digitisation, an e-commerce platform is the foremost requirement of any online store today. In this modern competitive world, no business wants to lag behind. And to be a full-fledged marketplace, the support of an online platform is must.

But do you need one?

An e-commerce platform not only enables you to display your product but your customers are allowed to buy them directly through online transactions. But the catch lies in picking out the type of platform.

Check out some of the best e-commerce platforms that you can work upon:

1- Magento



Known as one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms, it lends an engaging shopping experience to the user. Sufficing the needs of all business types, say small, medium or large, it provides a good number of rich visual merchandising tools and allows easy content updates without requirement any high technical knowledge from the user’s side.

The popular side of this platform is its scalable architecture and open source availability which allows the user to add features in the most docile of ways. It has ready-made solutions for businesses like fashion, food & beverage, health and automotive.

Building your e-commerce business on Magento platform gives your industry a higher innovative edge that gets easily appreciated by customers. Some of the world’s most famous brands are developed on the Magento platform.

Some of its best features are:

a) It is open source thus most of the features offered are free.

b) It has 3 different solutions: Community, Enterprise and Magento Go

c) Inclusion of Magento SEO that makes it SEO optimized

d) It is user or developer friendly

e) Offers unique e-commerce dedicated options like coupons, private sales etc.

f) Easy third party integrations

g) Mobile friendly and works on multiple devices

2- Shopify


Whether you are an e-commerce startup or a medium sized one, Shopify with its powerful features gives a smooth platform of shopping for you in this growing online retail market. Being full of interactive themes, it is one of the most highly recommended platforms for e-commerce startups who have no prior knowledge of this domain.

Not only themes, the merchants get the advantage of back-office to keep a track on their ongoing business operations at one place.

Here are some of the features that make it popular:

a) It is budget friendly which is the first requirement of any start-up

b) There is a huge collection of professional themes

c) It provides easy set up for those who are looking for a quick launch

d) Web hosting is taken care of by the platform itself.

e) It is completely secure, so there are no issues over leaving your customer information or any confidential data vulnerable.

f) Each and every theme is customizable and the changes could be made in the code if required.

g) Its abandoned cart recovery feature is perfect in reminding your customers about their left off products.

h) It has its own payment gateway powered by Stripe. But, it could also be integrated with a dozen other payment gateways.

3- WooCommerce

woo commerce

It is a great chance for business owners if they want to start their online store within the existing WordPress website. You can also start building from the scratch if you don’t have one. But, WooCommerce is a bit different from others as it is a WordPress plugin which requires prior knowledge of WordPress.

WooCommerce has proven to be a miracle for startups because of its extensive catalogue of features with a user-friendly interface.

So, what all made it popular.

a) It is completely free to download making it a favourite for hundreds of websites.

b) You can have more than just an e-commerce site. WooCommerce allows you to keep your blogs alongside your store.

c) WooCommerce websites are highly scalable. Every business needs to grow with their increase in product or customer. WooCommerce makes the scalability easy for the businesses.

d) You can customize your theme. You can make integrations you can buy applications relating to payment gateways, marketing etc.

e) A simple and easy-to-use platform that could be used by an expert developer or a novice businessmen. The professional outlook of an online store along with the detailed tracking of order, inventory management, tax settings makes it a preferable platform than others.

4- OpenCart


With thousands of modules and themes in its pocket, OpenCart offers a great solution to an e-commerce website for its build-up and growth. It is SEO-friendly with an appealing interface. Any kind of e-commerce website could be built on it.

There are multiple features that support its popularity.

a) It is open source as well as free. The user gets to modify his features and create unlimited categories or add unlimited products.

b) There are bountiful payment methods that could be used by the user or could be downloaded from OpenCart marketplace.

c) The user can customize the functionality as per their need.

d) It is 100% translatable with multicurrency and multi-lingual feature made available for your customer.

5- Symphony Commerce

symphony commerce

Be it small, medium or large, this SaaS-based solution is a perfect one to start your e-commerce website. Not just a simple ecommerce platform, but it is a popular order fulfilment service provider available in the market. This order fulfilment process is different for every business. It is an entire process of order acknowledgement along with shipping, packing, returns, communication etc.

It also provides certified warehouses where the user can manage its inventory at various locations. A real-time communication is maintained between the platform and warehouse to keep a proper track of orders.

Key Highlights of Symphony Commerce

a) Open storefronts. Could be easily used on any device.

b) Seamless inventory management for your fast and cost-effective delivery.

c) Multiple channel management on a single cloud platform

6- Wix


Easy-to-use! This is what Wix promises the user who chooses to build their platform on them. With a wide collection of beautiful templates, you can build the online store of your dreams.

What more?

The designing of your e-commerce site is no more burdensome with its interactive drag ‘n’ drop builder.

What makes it different? Check out its features.

a) Mobile-optimized feature that will enhance the look of your product while viewing on a mobile device.

b) Get a secure and reliable checkout process. Manage the shipping and tax and provide a secured shopping cart to your customers.

c) You can start your site creation right from Mobile. Answer a series of questions and let the Mobile Editor’s AI customize your site.

7- Volusion


You need not be tech-savvy to work on Volusion. When businesses are thriving around you, setting your online store should be your main focus. Being one of the leading e-commerce platforms, Volusion comes equipped with all the features that are required in building your website.

Some of the advantages that Volusion provides to the user are:

a) Volusion is full of guidebooks and newsletters to help you run your online store.

b) They provide professional service directly and help in every aspect such as designing, SEO etc.

c) Customer service at Volusion is seamless via email, chat, ticket system.

8- Squarespace

square space

When your visual aspect needs to be much more appealing than your marketing, rely on Squarespace to justify your e-commerce store buildup. The beautiful templates are second to none. But, most important is that you can work easily on the platform without getting involved with any code.

Though you don’t get anything relative to SEO or CRM, there are certain features that set it apart from other platforms.

a) You can build your website by using drag and drop tools to categorize the objects.

b) Easy checkout process with customizable options.

c) Give a rich product browsing experience through video, images and related products.

d) Transactions are completely safe along with the availability of flexible payment options.

9- BigCommerce

big commerce

Another of the popular e-commerce platforms, BigCommerce is known to be the best cloud-hosted platform for small and medium-sized industries. Many of the big names like Toyota are associated with this one. It can add your existing product listings from various other sites to this one.

Meet its galore of features:

a) Easily customizable that lets you change your storefront design with no requirement of coding.

b) Consists of the point-of-sales interface.

c) Integrate with add-ons and apps.

d) You can run multiple stores from a single app.

10- YoKart


Build your successful multivendor store with YoKart.

Multi-vendor might be a speciality in various other platforms, but YoKart seems to have mastered this feature perfectly within itself. Moreover, the user gets the source code of the website and a lifetime license.

Key highlights of the platform are:

a) The feature of Share and Earn that allows you to promote products on your platform.

b) Let your customers know you better with its blog integration feature.

c) A synchronized system of product management, discount-coupon management and subscription module.

d) Stunning templates for a wonderful online store.

Enlightened enough? Now, choose the platform you would like to work with and start building your online presence today.

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