BRANDING 101: 4 Highly Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

“Hey! Congrats on your new business venture that you’re not able to take your mind off from. We get you, pal. It’s getting overwhelming by each day and branding your company’s name is one of the biggest concern you’re highly entailed in. Hence, this article will only talk about how you can significantly impact your business’s popularity. Keep Reading!”

The good branding strategies for small businesses come with a price tag? Well, the truth is partially flawed. There are smart and easily affordable ways to get you across the high tides of initial phase marketing. That’s what we’re going to unveil for you here.


Before we begin into the technical aspect of strategies in digital marketing that’ll care for your branding from now on, let’s just work on the imagination of your company’s identity. You need to decide the tone of your brand which will dictate how your company is perceived by your audience. It’ll help to create the reputation, outlook and feel of your brand.

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Let’s talk about the brand identity prism that works well for every industry whatsoever. Answering these questions will set you in the straight track to reach out your targetted audience in the most apt manner which aligns with your interest and values.

1. Brand Physique

It’s a product or service that you plan to sell out to your consumers. Most specifically you’ve to answer yourself what is that your customer buys from you? Is it an oriental food platter or a year-long membership of gym and spa? Or is it a celebrity fashion apparel? It could be anything that you consider to sell.

2. Brand Personality

Personify your brand and define what it would be known for? Nike is known for being a conqueror, Harley-Davidson’s known to be Rebel and Cadbury for being sincere.

3. Culture

Brand’s culture is everything about the set of values, beliefs and ethics that you want to maintain across your workstation, product creation and customers. While it also reflects your own personality but it gives you a better and impactful platform to spread your thoughts.

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4. Customer Self Image

Think about emotions that your brand will influence your audience. Imagine yourself as a customer and research about the impression it creates on you. What it makes you feel like? That exact impression will sooner be upon millions.

5. Customer Reflection

It’s the aftermath of the impression that it initially created on you.
This comes after customers’ introspect about the product that they bought from you. How do they feel about the purchase they made.

6. Relationship

It’s the kind of relationship you tend to make with your audience. Are they ‘relying on you’, ‘trusting you’ or ‘fond of you’?

Once you’re sorted with these essential pointers, let’s get going with the strategies.

1. Develop the Brand Identity

Many times, entrepreneurs mistaken to think of brand identity as an aesthetically pleasing logo which surpasses all parameters of being perfect. If you’ve sorted out such a logo for your company then consider you’re only left with 9/10th of the job!

YES! A logo isn’t everything that defines brand identity.

Here’s a list of factors affecting your reputation and brand’s identity:

Design of product and website
• 100% accessible communication platforms
• Creative Logo that defines your company and its products & services
• Language used for communication, marketing and media
• Mission of your company
• Vision that you’ve about your company
• Culture you want to experience

Not only the knowledge of these parameters gives you the upper hand in catering to your customers’ as per their demands but also clears the track to set –NAME, TONE, LOGO, TAGLINE, WEBSITE DOMAIN and MISSION of your brand.

2. Be Unique, Be You

Look out for every opportunity that allows you to set your mark in the market, differently. Whether it is an advertisement gig or designing an ethereal website; you’ve got to do it! It might at first overwhelm you but ultimately you’ll see the difference of taking the unconventional route.

The digital marketing strategy would depend on what you decide to keep your voice to be. For example, if you’re a company that offers services which reflects a friendly approach, modernity and accessibility then you shall function your digital marketing over platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re highly a niche company catering to the professionals then a good exposure of LinkedIn marketing will work for you better.

Also, optimize your content as per your audience likewise so you’re able to impart the image you want to be viewed in.

3. Don’t Shy Away but Shout & Sway!

When it’s about digital branding, nothing is too much. Yes, friend. You’ve got to take the stage. SEO, SMO, paid marketing and what not! Go all-n-all out.

• Own your grounds

Showing off isn’t always a bad thing. When you’ve got skills, intelligence and expertise then you should put the stage on fire. Create the aura of your brand as well researched and well-structured company who utilizes digital marketing tools and techniques like blogging, guest blogging, posts, ads, visuals and others for spreading ideas.

• Social Media Gig

Social media provides you with the platform to connect with your consumers directly. You can actually run your business through the viewers and subscribers of such platforms. It’s a completely different world altogether for promotional activities, reputation building and engagement activities.

• Giveaways, Please?

Oh, you’ve to install your trust in the powers of giveaways! It’s the best ever trick to motivate people to buy your products. Once they buy into your genuity, you can expect them to be your natural promoters. ‘Word of Mouth’ can make or break any company as it spreads like a wildfire.

4. Communicate With Your Customers

Don’t wait for businesses like yours outdo you in the race. You don’t want it obviously! Hence, you’ve to grow your client base. More you communicate, better you’ll perform. Your idea may be average or outstanding but you’ve to run faster because there’s always someone better than you.

Get customer-oriented. Produce policies and products that you would like to buy.

Ask for feedback. Don’t be afraid of your true critics. They often give you the breakthrough idea that you weren’t able to pitch for yourself.

Thank and apologize on social media. Be involved. Be unusual in your ways.

And Finally…

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