[2019 Update] Boost Subscribers on YouTube with These 7 Techniques

1.9 billion people are on YouTube monthly. Over 90 countries have access to YouTube services with 80 different languages to navigate through the platform. Time spent on YouTube has risen to 74% more than in previous years. When there are 6 out of 10 people preferring online streaming, then sure YouTube deserves to the 3rd most visited online platform.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the unusual star of YouTube, 7-year old boy, going by the YouTube handle- Ryan ToysReview. Well, he’s the legitimate ‘#1 Earner on YouTube’ with $22 million in 2018.

Wondering, what’s the kid doing so different than you? Have you recently started to raise your kingdom on YouTube? Have you hit the stagnation point where anything you do doesn’t affect the sweet number of subscribers? Well, have you tried the following strategies yet?

Here’s the list of curated strategies from the SEO service provider in India to upscale your dream of becoming the viral king or queen of the online world:

1. Choose the Keyword that Defines You

YouTube SEO isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and you can’t deny it’s the game changer for you. Any YouTuber earning in millions can ascertain you that their short videos targeting a keyword were the essence of how YouTube started to pick up their profiles.

Construct and plan your videos depending upon the keyword that fetches you most of the traffic.

Now, optimize your title, description, and interlinking.

2. Recreate Already Existing Content with an Intent

Millennials might miss their colleges but it’s impossible to find one person who hasn’t made use of tutorials, DIYs or How-To videos on YouTube. You can find anything or everything on the platform.

The reason why you should create “Content with an Intent” is due to the huge audience who search through pages to find the solution of problems.

If you lack inspirations then look around your competitors. Don’t afraid to intelligently steal the idea, however, you must create an extremely new content out of the shared idea to remain in the boundaries of YouTube’s Terms & Conditions.

3. Brand In Making

Did you think taglines look good on high-end brands only? Well, if you’re not going to believe in your idea then who will? Pretend and go exorbitant when you publish your videos on YouTube. Anytime you promote your YouTube video or share them on other social media handles, make use of tagline, exclusive visuals and optimize it.

4. REMINDER: Improve Watch Time

Engaging your loving audience with your created content is the only way through which you’re going to step up on the ladder of organic searches.

Watch time signifies the average amount of time, your viewers are spending on your video.

How to achieve higher watch time?

Get thought-provoking, highly informative and use pattern breakers!

The YouTube queen, Superwoman’s daily vlogs are proofs of how you can change the camera angles, dynamicity of the content and keep the viewers intrigued.

5. Get Personal With Viewers

While creating a brand doesn’t always have to mean big bucks into marketing and exclusive services; getting emotional or personal with your viewers can attract more traffic.

James Charles created ‘Sisters’ to define and distinct his viewers in his fashion vlogs. The tag got so impressively viral that he ended up creating a clothing line with “Sisters Apparels”.

Youtubers have also started sharing their low-points, funny-side and boring-time of life extensively with their audience that fetches them extra points on ‘Human Touch’.

6. Social Media Update

You don’t have to confuse how a social media update can create a stir on your YouTube channel. Social media platforms don’t want to divert their traffic to other websites. Hence, your posts will eventually get buried.

How to use your social media handles to increase subscribers on your Channel?

The best way to promote YouTube video is to snip out a 30-seconds to a 1-minute clip from the whole YouTube video and upload the snippet primitively on the platforms. Make sure, this clip contains the soul of your idea. You might give away the best of what you had in your full video but it’ll make the audience to look for more.

Of course, you’ve to provide them the links of where to find you in the description.

7. Engage, Heart & Share!

Who wouldn’t like to feature in their favorite YouTubers videos? Always pin down a comment for your viewers to throw some love and support in the comment section. Appreciate those who took out time to scroll down and write few words on your video.

‘Heart’ them! Feature them! Reply them back!

Some Personal Advice:

Hey! It’s okay if it seems all-at-once. Don’t panic or think to give up. Whether you’re a business or an individual content creator, your voice will be heard. You just need a good backup of digital marketing instincts. Why don’t you try out our professional SEO services? There’s more we can do for you in addition to making you the star of YouTube over a fortnight.

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