4 Ways to Build A High-Performance Digital Marketing Plan with AI

Artificial Intelligence, once a futuristic scope has now become a buzzword in this tech-driven world. With us being surrounded by Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, there’s no denying the fact that AI is slowly yet steadily conquering all the daily aspects of our lives. The same goes with the concept of AI and digital marketing that seems to have a brighter future for every small or large business.

Advancement in the field of digital marketing is no less just word-of-mouth. This domain is actually experiencing some hubbub every day with the introduction of algorithms, tools, techniques, creativity and technology upgrade. The same is adapted within the digital marketing services provided by the companies to their customers.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has already made its presence known in various areas like robotics, expert systems, natural voice processing and so on and going through the same pace, AI is definitely going to be a substantial part of digital marketing in near future.

Without much ado, take a look at how AI could be employed in digital marketing that will create wonders in your future campaigns.

1. Make use of Chatbots

A Chatbot is a marvel of AI technology through which a user can converse with an application or website in natural language. A business can definitely make use of chatbots on its apps or text messages to make it easier and more interactive for its customers.

Many brands have even started using Chatbots through applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp to communicate well.

How could they be of any use?

Chatbots can help make suggestions to your buyers or take up orders. This would be an incredible upgrade to your digital marketing plans.

Using chatbots as a customer service window can also help your potential buyer with his queries.

Where’s the benefit?

You can surely serve your clients 24/7 with such a quick and automated service. Moreover, they are devoid of any emotions which will not provoke your customers even if they are about to make some complaint.

2. Undergo thoughtful Email marketing

AI could give leverage to the aspect of email marketing that was never seen before. Making use of machine learning, several components of email marketing could be optimized and created within an email marketing campaign.

The key areas that AI can work in are:

• Content: This is the conversion-driven part of any email campaign. Thus, it is very important to choose your words very carefully. Currently, marketers are testing out campaigns with A/B testing but this will be remedied with the use of AI.
AI will help in picking out the right content, saving a lot of time on creation and testing.

• Frequency: What’s the best time to shoot a campaign? Will weekends work better for my brand?
All such questions are pertinent for any business and are mostly advised by any digital marketing company who is helping in that regard. The marketers brainstorm their way in choosing the specifics which is time-consuming. But, with the advent of AI, all this gets automated, saving a lot of time in discussions.

• Customer behavior: Most of the times businesses complain about low conversion rate. They could not fathom why their emails did not convert even after a discount offer or a beneficial deal.
Fear not! AI is bringing a solution for these queries as well. Often times your customer is not satisfied with the meagre amount of discount which leads to their neglect. AI will ensure what your customers are looking for and what should you do solve such issues.

3. Curating the content

A significant part of any digital marketing campaign is the CONTENT.

And AI cannot only generate one but can curate it as well, depending on the vision of a customer. AI can make your content much more personalized for your customers so that they can enjoy and buy from you. Though it’s not a guaranteed formula but most of the time it works.

Still perplexed with this use? Recall the list of recommended movies on Netflix or the products on Amazon based on last views.

Hope you got a hint on how AI is going to affect your content.

4. Enhancing Search Engine Optimization

Since AI is affecting every facet of digital marketing, leaving SEO is out of the question.

Every digital marketing agency would guide your brand to undergo SEO for better visibility among the Google search results. But, with AI there are transformations seen in the internet searches as well as Search Engine Optimization. Though there are no specific keywords that are in use, AI will eventually bring some improvement in SEO.

Some of the ways it is going to help are through:

• Insights: Market trend, competitor analysis, SERP performance, site-performance analysis, customer-intent reports

• Automation: technical audits, content optimization, keyword research, internal linking

• Personalization: analyze customer journey, enhance UI, publish content at the right network

Are you ready for the change?

As you can see, AI is altering the face of digital marketing for businesses. Step up with all that is coming to your way and string along this latest technology addition. The answer for a new-age marketing campaign is largely dependent on AI. So, get on-board and be prepared for the changes.

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