New and Improved App Marketing Strategies That will Give You Results

As we juggle from one mobile app to another one we often don’t realize the fact that we are in the middle of an ongoing revolution; the revolution of mobile apps. Over the years mobile apps have become extremely important for the development of businesses which is why hundreds and thousands of apps are developed every hour.

The ubiquity of mobile apps has made it extremely important for businesses to look for new and innovative ways to promote their apps. Besides, mobile apps are no longer considered a standalone platform. They have been integrated into mobile marketing for quite some time now. Therefore, it is extremely important to market your apps right if you don’t want it to be easily lost in the digital world.

But before you start marketing your app, it is extremely important to know entails mobile app marketing. App marketing definition is often confused with all sorts of marketing that happen on a mobile device. Contrarily, mobile app marketing is focused on promoting the mobile app itself rather than ads and promotion that run on the app. Mobile app promotion services are aimed at increasing app downloads as well as user engagement and retention.

So if you are wondering how to market an app, here’s a step by step guide to help you achieve the best results and make your mobile app stand out from others

Decide your target market

Before you start to market your mobile app you should define your target audience. Start by listing down the traits of your ideal customer and form a personality based on important details that may include demographics, lifestyle, habits, and interests etc. At the same instance, you should be cautious who are you promoting your app to. In order for it to be effective try to narrow it down to your target audience rather than promoting it to everyone.

Do a competitor analysis

Your competitors are in marketing for quite some time. Gaining insight into their strategies will help you in the process of marketing your app. However, you should be careful not to imitate them. Instead, try to learn from their mistakes and success. This will help you build your target audience, understand their needs and aspirations and market your app accordingly.

Plan marketing strategies early

Most businesses will start marketing strategies only after the app is fully ready and launched in the app store. This is a good approach but if you want your mobile app to be successful you should start early. The best app marketing strategies include a detailed pre-launch and post-launch plan. Try to give users some insight into your app development and prepare them for a surprise launch of your app by running polls and surveys to keep them interested. Similarly, make sure that you have a launch strategy ready with you once your mobile app is ready to hit the market.

Optimize your app store page

Optimize your mobile app as soon as it is available in the app store. An optimized mobile app will have a better ranking in the app store thus making it easy for users to find your app. Start by writing a proper description of your app with relevant keywords, include title and screenshots etc. to give users the necessary information about your app.

Get creative with content

You can write attractive content telling users about your app. This will build interest among them while also keeping them informed about its progress. You can start a blog about it or try posting viral videos to engage with your target audience offering them a sneak peek into the development of your mobile app.

Leverage the power of social media

The power of social media cannot be dismissed when it comes to marketing your app. It offers you an easy way to reach and connect with your audience and gives you access to user’s interests, likes and dislikes etc. You can further take advantage of targeted advertising offered by platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and promote your app to a specific audience only which you think would be interested in your services.

Track your KPIs

Your app has entered the market and the progress seems pretty good. But your work doesn’t stop there. Usually, mobile apps enjoy a peak in downloads during the first few weeks of launch before being redundant. You need a detailed marketing plan if you don’t want this to happen to you. Hence, it is extremely important to track and monitor your KPIs as closely as possible. Keep an eye on how users are interacting with your mobile app, pay attention to user feedback and reviews and try to fix any bug as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget to work on SEO

SEO should be a part of your app marketing guidelines. A good SEO strategy will make sure that people searching for your app are easily able to find it. Use hashtags and relevant keywords as well follow proper SEO guidelines when writing blogs and articles. Relevant keywords, meta description, and title tags etc. will help you increase the ranking of your mobile app thus helping in its promotion.

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