8 Breakthrough reasons why content is the king of SEO

What is Content..?

what is content

Content is a driving force that acts at the back-end of all the campaigns be it SEO, Social Media etc. Providing a definition of ‘Content’ and the one which is accepted by each one is nearly impossible. But there are various ways in which we can define content.

“A qualitative and useful set of information that shares a story presented in a contextual manner with an aim to solicit an engagement or certain kind of emotion. Content can be delivered in any manner or format such the text, images, video, audio, presentations, etc either live or allochronic”.

“Content is information that comes in any form such as audio, text, video and ends up entertaining, enlightening, and teaching people who consume it.”

“Using content for SEO can be termed as a strategic marketing approach which relatively focuses on creating and providing educational, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience leading to drive profitable customer action.”

Creating a quality form content is a tip to garner organic traffic, earn higher rankings and boosts conversions. A good and a qualitative content is equal to have a competent salesperson who works on behalf of the business that you run. Understanding the basic importance of content for SEO helps drive the content marketing strategy which helps to achieve your business goals in the longer run. Using persuasion techniques to play with the content that is created helps audience the to connect to your brand.

Importance of Content for SEO

importance of content for seo

Framing content in regard to SEO means framing content with altogether a different perspective which is easily understandable to the viewer and moreover helps to rank the website higher for the related searches of the keywords. Below are the scenarios where content is of major importance.

– Google needs content in order to rank your website.

– Good quality content can avail good quality backlinks.

– Quality Content gets more social share.

– Quality Content provides long-term SEO Value.

– Quality Content attracts rewards from Google’s RankBrain algorithm.

Reasons why Content is considered as the king of SEO?

why contnt is considered as the king of seo

1- Build Loyal Visitors:-

Audiences look forward for information from various websites and platforms. With the variety of services catering to their needs, they have a solution just a tap away from them. In such cases what a brand can do is to deliver them the content as per their need in a continuous loop so as to keep them engaged. It is then natural for the audience to develop a sense of loyalty towards the website that they are frequent visitors of.

Now on the same hand, after attracting the loyalty of the audience, it is necessary for the brand also to give them fresh and engaging content in timely durations. This means that by your constant efforts to publish content that keeps your readers engaged capture their loyalty. The readers always tend to show loyalty towards the content that they find valuable and interesting.

With all of these efforts to be made, if you want a high traffic on your website, you must offer content to your viewers at a major frequency. The content that you deliver should be of the quality that would give rise to their interest and entertain them by giving them all the necessary answers to their questions.

2- Boosting SEO to improvise site ranking:-

Search engines like Google use crawlers or chatbots to find and index recently published content so that it can be displayed in the search results. This means that the more content you publish, the more the crawlers or bots look at your website. Thus, this can result in having better chances of good rankings.

If your website lands on the first page of the search results on search engines, then you can have great chances of attracting potential visitors. This will have a huge impact on the number of people who visit your website. This means that the more frequent content you publish, the more visitors you invite. As a result, your website will be indexed more and more which will increase the ranking and find you more potential visitors.

There is also a disadvantage if you are not regular on the updates on your website. If your website has few content updates, the search engines may view your website as dead or non-functional. The absence of fresh content will make your website appear as something that is merely of use and has no information to offer.

3- Maximize the usage of the key-words and content length:-

Keywords are an integral part of SEO, majorly indexing and ranking. With fresh content, you are blessed with an opportunity to use targeted keywords. Relevant content can attract visitor to your website, does not matter what form is the content in. i.e. blog, an article, brief description, podcast, video etc.  Once a website has a good amount of qualitative content, one can start to rank by using long tail keywords and attract a huge number of website search traffic. With the usage of keywords, the content must also provide information to the user, be easily readable, should lead the visitor to get in touch with your business, and should portray the business in a positive light.

It is a universally accepted fact that longer articles tend to have more information which is necessary to make a major impact. Having more number of words in your website content means presence of all the necessary information regarding your product, services and much more.  When a website has longer content, it has an opportunity to effectively use the keywords in higher amount to that of shorter content. Moreover, if the user is availed of all the necessary information, the chances of him frequently visiting the website increases.

4- Influencing conversion and capturing new leads:-

Lead generation is an important task for businesses that rely on their website traffic to boost their sales and help their brand grow. Content is a tool that can be moulded in various approaches in order to help the business capture more leads. It should be noted that usage of content for the purpose of lead generation is time-consuming. It may not show results quickly but it might take some time.

Content Marketing will help your business to acquire new consumer because once when visitor is a loyal reader of your website, he becomes a regular audience of your website content. This will leave him inspired which will lead him to buy your product or services. Thus for attracting customer online, a quality content formation is an initial step. Hence through content we can increase the conversion rate of the website.

Content Marketing helps your brand to educate your prospective customers, thus forming chances to improvise on the conversion rate. With the help of content marketing, you are encouraging your customers by providing them with the necessary details such that they can take an informed purchase decision.

5- Building brand reputation and supporting Digital Marketing Strategies:-

The current digital marketplace is turned out such that it has become important for the businesses to build trust with leads and customers in order to work with them. Building healthy relations helps your business to establish a positive brand reputation. Qualitative content is an excellent way that a business can adopt to build trust with the prospects.

Once a customer starts consuming your content, they make an opinion about your business.  If the content that you deliver to them is valuable and engaging, they will think similarly of your business. Hence, the more value you offer the visitor through your content, the more value you generate for your business in their eyes.

Once a business starts generating qualitative content, this factor will help you support your digital marketing strategy for developing your business. These days, all the businesses adopt multiple strategies to develop their digital marketing. A business should generate high-quality and engaging content at regular frequency as part of its digital marketing campaigns and strategies. A qualitative content holds your marketing campaigns together and helps you extract the optimum out of the invested. Moreover, lack of content will break the link of communicating to the prospects and you will end up losing your customers leaving no chance to build future customer.           


The importance of fresh content is a never-ending demand. By generating fresh content on daily basis, a business can hold the power to increase its authority within the industrial segment. Once you start developing content for a particular topic, you tend to enjoy the authority that makes your business stronger. What you earn in return is people’s trust on the basis of the online content that you create. Customers tend to seek information on new topics every now and then. Hence being a marketer, it is your duty to cater to their need for fresh content that will answer their questions, and give them the required information. In return to this, customer becomes a frequent visitor of your website; your website attracts more traffic that helps you boost the SEO ranking of the website. Fresh Content and regular updates about them will invite appreciation and loyalty from your customers.


Loretta Brown is part of Digital marketing team at GR Imagine working as a ProBlogger, Inbound marketing in GR Imagine.

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