10 Impactful Instagram Marketing Tools To Boost Your Followers Count

Being one of the most appealing and powerful social media platforms, Instagram has garnered the attention of millions of users all over the world. In this competitive world, no business wants to lag behind. Moreover, it needs a strong social media presence to survive.

Thanks to the captivating visuals, the businesses today have found a way to promote their brands or labels in the most interesting of ways.

The beautiful images, Instagram Stories, and videos are the key ingredients behind the growing popularity of the platform. It has helped the businesses in driving huge traffic towards them.

And all by the use of right Instagram marketing tools!

Instagram marketing has grown to be a necessity for every aspiring businessman these days. It has become successful in offering a vast reachability and influence over customers for them.

The reason behind every successful campaign is thoughtful planning, engaging photos and meaningful posts that seems significant to the customers.

And Instagram Marketing can help achieve that for them.

Listed below are some of the powerful Instagram marketing tools that can aid you in creating lucrative campaigns and will just leave your customers in awe of your marketing skills.

1. Hootsuite

It is one of the many popular tools that belong to the line of “Social Media Management System”. It is a multi-tasker that schedules curates content, analyses and monitors your posts with regularity. Posting your content is the only way through which you get to connect with your customers on a social platform. You can easily schedule your post in advance if you forget to publish it at the right time. In a nutshell, it keeps your Instagram presence alive even when you are not.

Here are some key highlights:

1. You remain active on Instagram 24/7.
2. Your posts get automatically scheduled on right time.
3. There are multiple number of posts that could be uploaded at once.
4. See your scheduled social media posts on your content calendar.
5. It has a chrome extension that can let you schedule your posts while you are surfing the web.

Not all is about scheduling.

Hootsuite also works as your valuable content partner.

6. You get to discover something new by using hashtags or keywords to find shareable content.
7. Keep all your content organized within a content library. It will get easier to search while you are on a content curation quest.

Hootsuite also works with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to give you a clear and detailed picture of your Instagram activity. It will measure the growth and deduce how your Instagram marketing strategies are working.

2. Linktree


Instagram is mainly is known for its visual prowess. Though all this posting of images is a nice way to promote your brand, an actionable content is required to ante up your traffic.

Whenever you are posting about your product or service, you are leading your viewers to your Bio. But, the problem resides in the number of links that a Bio can have, and i.e. ONE.

It creates inconvenience when you post something new on the platform.

Let’s say, after posting about a product, you link that to your Bio. But afterward, when you post some latest article regarding your business, you need to exchange the link already present in your Bio with this article.

Thus, here comes the use of Linktree.

A free tool, Linktree is used to optimize and manage the Instagram traffic by adding multiple links to your Instagram account.

How to use it?

1. Set up your account.
2. Link multiple URLs. The links should have a proper name for the users to recognize it easily.
3. Generate that Linktree link that will be provided after complete set up of your account. Add this link to your Instagram Bio.

All is done for the day!

3. Instagram Feed WD

 Instagram Feed WD

This is basically a responsive plugin for users that they could use on their website easily. It allows them to share their posts with their customers.

Eventually, it will hold the interest of your customers as they can easily see your social posts.

It has an amazing list of features to speak of.

Have a look at some of them.

Instagram Layout: Instagram marketing influencers can use this feature to their advantage. Thumbnails, Blog style are some of the layouts that could be used to display the feeds.
Individual & Mixed Feeds: A perfect display of single feed and mixed feeds could be used on the platform. For single feed, a single Instagram account and hashtag could be used. This works similarly for the multiple feeds that use multiple accounts and hashtags.
Customizable Themes: The feeds uploaded could be customized in any colour, dimension, and style. You can synchronize both your website and your feed accordingly.
The list does not end here. Dive into your search mode and learn what other features are there in its palette.

4. Boomerang for Instagram

A great entertaining app, Boomerang has proven to be a delightful means of creating videos. It is just another fancier way of showing Stories on Instagram. Instagram marketing services are in a consistent use of this app where they could create a nice short video loop with a bunch of photos for their product promotion. The loop starts forward and then goes backward, creating a neat GIF.

It seems to bring the promotions alive on the platform with the usual but interesting formation of videos. There is no need to worry over audio. Just click some images and make your video.

How to make it work?

1. Download the app.
2. Once you open the app, a full-screen viewfinder will get loaded. This window will have a record button at bottom-center.
3. Align your camera to the sight over which you want to create a Boomerang video.
4. The app will take bursts of photos and once created will show you the final preview of your Boomerang.

5. Iconosquare

How well are your posts working? Or are they not working at all?

If not then the reason lies in “wrong posting time”. If you are posting internationally, you need to keep a close watch over timing. The maximum activity takes place during the daytime. And if you are not following that, your posts are not going to see much followers.

The same goes in using wrong hashtags.

When you are failing to contemplate on both these issues, then make use of Iconosquare.

How will it help?

Check this out here!

1. Measure your audience growth and social engagement. You get to have some deeper insight into the metrics and acknowledge where you are going wrong with your posts.
2. Congratulations., if you are showered with responses and comments. But are you able to handle all of this? Iconosquare does that for you. Reply to comments, mark them as read or appropriate and track the media where you are tagged in.

6. Grum

This is a scheduler that fixes the day and time of your posts and asks you to choose between the accounts that you are managing. It posts directly to your timeline while assessing the quality of the content that gets posted.

So, if you are traveling but don’t want to miss any deadline for your posts, then schedule them in advance with Grum. A social media manager can make the best use of its services by managing his accounts, posts, and scheduled posts.


Also called as VSCO Cam, this is a free photography app that is used by many. Within this, the user creates his account, clicks, edits or adds filters to the images. The user can share his photo with the other VSCO users on Instagram, Facebook etc.

The main objective behind this app is nothing but higher engagement. The audience is enticed by beautiful photos of your products and gets compelled to follow your brand.

8. Foursixty

One of the fantastic promotional tools for marketing, Foursixty is a miracle for e-commerce businesses. It happens most of the time that while we are browsing, we come across some really interesting things that compel us to buy them. But unfortunately, when the product is not shoppable it gets really annoying.

This problem has been solved by Foursixty which enables you to sell your product easily on Instagram. It is actually done by linking the product to its page. It also enables user-generated content to get posted. The customer can post his photo with your product which will boost reliability over your product. Featuring their photos will encourage their peers to buy your products as well.

9. Gramblr

The scope of Instagram is majorly subjected to mobile devices. But you might want to post your photos to Instagram from your laptop or desktop. Thus, herein comes the use of Gramblr. It is a third-party app that allows you to post pictures via desktop.

Some of its excellent features are:

1. Photos could be edited with the help of tools such as frames, redeye, and several other filters.
2. You can give an entirely different look to your photo with enhancers.
3. The user can buy likes from his ‘followers’ and can earn coins when he likes posts of other people
4. Photos could be automatically cropped if they are out of size.
5. It also performs the task of scheduler by organizing your future posts in a timeline.

10. Ink361

Ink361 forges a great way to get you engaged with the audience by understanding the source of their engagement and analyzing the growth over time. You can examine your follower count, likes, and comments. You can check how well your posts are working.

Coming to its most interesting feature: Map Viewer Option which helps in discovering people based on the location of a photo. If your campaigns are exclusive to location-based demographics, then Ink361 could make it easier for you by tagging your content to the right geographical spaces.

With millions and millions of users on this social media platform, Instagram marketing has occupied a pivotal role in the marketing strategy of businesses. With a viable number audience under its belt and with the accurate strategies under yours, embark on your successful Instagram marketing journey with these incredible tools.

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