10 Adwords Tips That Can Help You Get Maximum ROI

10 Adwords Tips that will slay your competitor & give you minimum CPC always. Get the knack of Google PPC Campaign.

Success of AdWords campaign depends on 3 major things

  1. Keywords
  2. Bids & Targeting
  3. Landing pages.

Follow these 10 Adwords Tips & do not worry about Conversions again.

Set A Goal For Your Campaign:

Identifying what you want to achieve is the most important part of Adwords Campaign. You complete the major task in yours Adwords by setting a right goal.

Extensive Keyword Research:

Keyword research is important task before you start the campaign. Keyword research gives you insights about the number of searches in a specific area and by specific target groups.
This helps you create your campaign accordingly. It also gives insight into what are the general queries on the internet. One can plan their campaign around these keywords. Allocating budget based on the keyword research is the best approach.  You can use Keyword Planner for the research.

Competitor Study:

Knowing what your immediate competitor is doing with his AdWords. Know your impression share, understand where you lose the leads and clicks. Understand the location and timings when other bidders get most of the impression and click share.

Targeting Ads to the relevant audience:

It is important to target your ads to right locations & right age groups. If maximum conversions are from Tier 2 Cities and you keep focusing on Tier I then, AdWords won’t bring the best of its potential.

Targeting users of specific websites, or visitors who have seen certain products on the website through the display campaign, also brings more conversions in less time.

Landing Page & CTAs:

Landing pages are very important in any Adwords campaign. Testing your landing page for more conversions is a must. The landing page has to be relevant to keywords, ads and search terms. Landing page counts to the 60% of decision-making in any visitor. It should simple, easily readable and least intrusive. Benefit reinforcement and relevant Call To Action is must for every landing page.

Landing pages that are build in order to organically optimise, also bring higher conversions. Understand how SEO works here. 

 Creating Ads:

Google Adwords has the character limit for ads but it also gives various options to add relevant information. Relevant ad extensions also get your more impression and high CTR. Convey all information through ads. Avoid fake promises and exorbitant statements in ad copy.

 Campaign Structuring:

Segregating keywords based on different needs and motives gives best results. Structuring Ad-groups with similar keywords and relevant ads help optimizing campaign at maximum level.

Creating different ads & ad-groups for Women Kurta & Women Tops gets more relevant clicks and conversions.

Negative Keywords & Match types:

Letting Google know what kind of searches you do not want is always beneficial. Adwords will only show your ads to the search terms that are relevant to the keywords & match types you set. Set match types based on what your goal is.

Broad Match: More Traffic / Exposure. Less Control
Phrase Match: Less Traffic. Better Control
Exact Match: Niche Traffic. Maximum Control

Placements, Budget & Conversions:

It is important to compare the Adwords spend with the number of conversions you receive. Tweak your campaign to get more clicks, impressions, and leads. A/B testing is a way for same.

Controlling where your ad is placed is crucial in Display Campaign. Cut down on sites and placements which gives your fewer conversions or nonrelevant traffic.

Do not Forget Mobile:

Maximum users tend to search through their mobile phones. Most of the mobile users also use Voice search. Create a campaign to match with this high potential traffic. Avoid showing ads on mobile if your landing page is not Mobile optimized. This will reduce your unnecessary spend

With these 10 Adwords Tips,  you can get maximum ROI for your campaign.                                                                                                                                               

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