10 Advanced Tips for Website Speed Optimization

Thinking whether speeding up your website is a good option or not? Yes, of course it is! Let me throw some light on website speed optimization.

Let’s get started!

Do you even know that even a second of delay in the page load time can yield so much loss that will make you regret as to why you never opted for website speed optimization.

           – 10% fewer page views

           – 14%decrease in customer satisfaction

           – 8% loss in conversions

Can you afford such sort of loss? No one can!
Even an extra second could have a way to huge impact on your ability to get your visitors engaged and make extra sales!

This automatically proves that how website speed optimization can benefit your website to fetch more and more of customers. It won’t only help you to rank well on Google but also helps you to get high profits.

Every search engine that is available on web wants to provide its users the best user experience, and every user wants the same! After going through a number of tweets, we came to a point to discuss some great tips and tricks for your website’s speed optimization and how to decrease the load time for your web pages as much as possible.

But before going any further let’s generalize it by increasing your web search latency from 100 to 400 ms which easily declines the number of searches per user from 0.2% to 0.5%. Quite a number!

Moreover people do few searches the longer they are exposed to the page. By longer delays within the page the users tends to lose their interest .

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But backing up before taking any step is one of the most necessary step! So don’t forget to make a back up!

Let’s Begin!


Hosting is the first step that you will think to do but choosing the most suitable type of hosting can be a bit of a confusing task! So, what I will suggest is to choose hosting with some of the professional configuration which will be of great help to you in future!

– Having a good grasp over browser cleaning

Headers that are already expired informs the browser that this resource on a website speed optimization needs to be implemented from the resource or if they can be directly fetched from the cache of the browser. So that when the user comes back again ton visit that page, it will help the page to load faster as the browser already has all the resources loaded!

Keep it alive

Keep alive signs are mostly sent at some intervals as they play an important role while they are loading the pages on the internet. Soon after the signal is forwarded and just in case none of the signal is received the link is automatically assumed to be down !
While in Keep alive it helps to allow all the TCP connections to stay alive as it helps to reduce the latency of such requests. Most of the hosting companies get rid of this as it is totally an optional feature.

– Redirect the cacheable to the landing page

Users gets redirected to different URL’s making these cacheable speeding up the page’s load time for the user. You can use 302 redirect with a lifetime cache for at least of one day.

– Content Delivery Network is a thing

One of the best ways to speed up your website is to host your files on CDN (content delivery network) which can save your bandwidth and decrease the number of requests your web page makes.
CDN works all over by hosting the files across the huge network of server all around the world, as bandwidth is spread all over with different types of server, it automatically reduces the load for one server and protects your website as well!

– Good Themes (WordPress only)

Prevention is always better than cure !Do you agree ? To get rid of a whole lot of pages, speed comes in the first place. So it is always a better option to choose a good host, attractive theme as well as seamless design.

– Use less of redirect links for better website speed optimization

At times using the new location of any URL ,track clicks or connecting various parts of the website speed optimization  together it becomes a must-thing to get the browser redirected from one URL to the another one. Hopping of the links add an additional HTTP request as well as latency.

Don’t use reference URLs that may direct to other URLs, update your URL references by time. Don’t try to redirect more than one link to the source, it must be an immediate task! Cut short the extra domains that issues to redirect but never serve any content .

– Database cleanings

Your database can be extremely messy with WordPress as it saves all the drafts ,post revisions ,plugins etc. very fast . WordPress optimization is an amazing plugin that automatically gets you rid of all the stuff that you don’t use, hence clearing up your database.

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– Website compression

If you are looking out to compress your website files to save the bandwidth and the speed, then there are many tools available that you can use . These tools work by compressing the files into the zip files, compelling the browser to load them faster. The browser of the viewer unzips the file and displays the content. This process has a lot of potential to save time and the efficiency the users look out for.

– Image dimensions must be specified

Before loading the images your browser begins to render the page that you are about to load . By specifying the dimensions of the images helps to bind it all around the not so replaceable images . Just in case if you haven’t specified the dimensions, the browser will flow only once all the images are loaded .

– Optimization of images

At time images do have some unnecessary comments and colors . When you keep the size of the images to the minimum, it not only acts as a big help to the user but also for the visitor. Try to use JPEG images.

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– Broken links must be fixed

Broken links decreases the interest of the user and they are also one of the biggest drawbacks as they drain the bandwidth.

To identify these broken links one can use any tool which are available free on internet like

– Google webmaster tool

– Screaming frog SEO spider

– Ahrefs


In this digital and electronic era where mobile technology is expected to take the desktop technology over, within a minimum time span, it was never that necessary to look after the speed of your website speed optimization as it has become now! Get the speed of your website speed optimization if you want to be somewhere near the trend because slow websites makes the visitors intolerant due to which they tend to shift their interest to other web pages. Use these tips and tricks to stand the best within the rest.

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