How to improve SEO ranking of the website (FAST)

                             How to improve SEO Ranking

The art of SEO is not hidden from anyone nowadays. But, the point is how to implement  it rightly for a fruitful result. Search Engine Optimization needs to be carried out in a proper manner in order to improve SEO ranking of the website. For those who are not aware of the mechanism of the SEO, here is a snippet: SEO is the process which fetches free traffic from various sources. The traffic obtained from these sources increases the search visibility of a website leading to improvement in its rank. On the other hand, there are certain white hat practices which act as the easiest way to enhance the rank of the website.

Understanding SEO implementation

Organic traffic is mostly being generated for natural results of SEO. The major practice to increase brand awareness in the Search Engine is also followed by the SEO professionals. This activity can inform the Search Engine about the relevance of website and help in its smooth indexing. Coming back to the ways to improve SEO ranking of the website, it can be stated that  content needs to be focused on primarily. It has been often said that content is kind. This is not a cliched line because content plays a crucial role in spreading a word about business.

Other SEO processes for increasing website rank

Content marketing in turn, is the most essential activity which has been emphasized on  by the all sized business organizations. However, one has to remember that relevant content should be updated by the businesses for simplified identification. In simple words, when relevant content is updated on a regular basis, Search Engine can recognize the business in an easier way. Most of the times, people submit the content randomly which results in lesser traction or no results. This simply denotes that the content should be properly formatted and not just relevant. Moreover, this should be made a regular habit to upload the content to ensure the traffic is retained.

How to make website user-friendly?

Apart from this, the professionals who maintain a website for their business should remember that effectiveness and usability factors are focused on without fail. In other words, while developing and designing the website, its purpose as well as efficiency should be considered. This factor acts as an important facet to improve the SEO ranking of the website. Alternatively, page load speed should be checked frequently to make the website user-friendly. If the page loads efficiently, the user will continue to stay on the page for a longer time. This will in turn give a positive reputation of the website. The increased traffic and better turnaround time along with conversions result due to these activities.

On a final note, it can be concluded that by following the above simple yet essent tactics, SEO ranking of business website can be improved.


Importance of Social Proof In Marketing Campaign

In today’s world, digital marketing is growing day by day and so is its relevance. Although it is reckless to assume that only the seller is growing with this growing technology. The potential buyer is growing smarter and more cautious by day and it is becoming rather difficult to convince him/her about the authenticity of the product/goods/services that the seller has to offer.

Importance of social proof

It is thereby becoming more and more important to provide a social proof to the buyer, in order to make it easier for them to invest any trust in your brand.

Now the obvious question arises,

What exactly is social proof?

Well, simply put, it is a word of praise or recommendation from any ‘real people’ out there who are likely to convince your target audience of the sincerity of your brand’s goods and/or services.

The customer is becoming more suspicious every day, owing to the immense amount of unfulfilled promises made by brands online. It is then only a friend, an acquaintance or a random stranger with no personal interest in the matter, whose verdict is to be trusted.

There are certain types of social proof you can practice. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


Importance of Social Proof

A review is basically a description of the experience that your customer has had after he or she availed your products or services. It is easiest to obtain and works tremendously. It sometimes also includes ratings through ‘stars’ or providing the customer with a questionnaire. It is advisable to keep it short and to the point so as to attract the average potential reader/buyer.


Now this one is a stronger asset but is harder to get for the same reason. A testimony is like a review, only longer and more effective. The company has to provide a groundbreaking service in order to obtain a testimony from a client. And/or if you plan on ‘asking for it’ you have to make sure you are on good terms with the provider of the said testimony. Once obtained it works wondrously as a reference for possible future clients and is definitely a great medium to talk your brand up.


This is a simpler way of letting people know that you can be trusted. It’s done by showcasing the fact that you’ve worked with names in the market that have already been trusted. Yes, that simple. Just make it a point to advertise about working with established brands and the buyer will know of and be sure of your authenticity.


This the oldest trick in the book but the most difficult one to perform. It requires courage, hard work, and patience (Basically the qualities of the #HarryPotter trio). See what I did there? I made a Harry Potter reference and increased the reach resulting in more followers. This step works out best if it happens organically and the customers know that your followers are real people who can be trusted.

All in all, it’s about associating yourself with more and more real, genuine people and brands out there and having them say a good word for your cause, instead of saying it yourself.

Alright, that was it for today. Hope these tips give you a little insight into the workings of the world of digital marketing and help you achieve your goal, whatever it may be.

Now go get it. Or even better, get in a good word and make someone else get it for you!

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Technology is playing a crucial role in marketing products and services. When the marketing services are blended with technology, they take a form of digital marketing. It is effective for all sized businesses irrespective of the nature of their business. In fact, all the online marketing efforts which involve mobile, internet and other digital technologies are classified under digital marketing. The idea of connecting with the people at the right time through right mode is signified as a strategic step towards marketing. Considering these points of relevance, it is appropriate to know digital marketing trends 2018. The trends of this type of marketing undergo change constantly to deliver the best output, Every business organization can use the digital marketing according to its benefits.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018


The trends of this type of marketing undergo change constantly to deliver the best output, Every business organization can use the digital marketing according to its benefits. The prime aspect is to review the trend prior to its implementation. The earliest marketing trends range from wireless and phone transmission, commercial and billboard to Social Media posts. The virality of posts in the modern era on various social media platforms is the essential way to make the marketing process smooth. The transition from regular marketing to internet-based marketing has been the most notable turning point due to the swift response of consumers.

It has been noticed that most of the consumers are found online almost throughout the day. Since these people are online, the business owners get an upper hand in marketing their products or services. In comparison with the 12 years, the people are using internet twice as much time as they used to do. In the present scenario, digital marketing trends 2018 are likely to stay in the market. These trends have brought a total shift in the digital marketing. The common need of an hour is to offer an integrated experience to the consumers. This will enable them to relate to the services being marketed. As a result, the chances of conversion will rise in a comparatively lesser time.

On the other hand, a huge spectrum of tactics and assets need to be utilized by the organizations for achieving better engagement rate. It’s time to take a look at the top 3 digital marketing trends 2018 which seem to be promising:

Video engagement

A video gets viral when the short business or social message is conveyed rightly. This is totally relevant in the case of digital marketing, a video has a power to engage masses. The only requisite of this moment is to make video informative and short. Similarly, if there is a video channel, then, it is important to upload the videos of users’ demands. This will help people relate to the theme of the business in a better way.

Switch to smartphones

When the entire world is becoming smart, the businesses ought to switch to smartphones. These devices have a potential to market the product or service of an organization. Among the different digital marketing trends 2018, utilization of smartphone is a reliable one. Most of the users own a smartphone and grabbing their attention through videos is the best trend.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencers have played a pivotal role in the new era to influence the masses. In the context of digital marketing, Social Media influencers can be used by the businesses to promote their brand. The method of undertaking this trend of digital marketing can be different, but, the process should be proper. This valuable trend is a platform which engages people through the works of influencer.

To sum it up, the above mentioned digital marketing trends 2018 are worth counting on for promoting business in a resourceful way.


Google New Meta Description Length Guidelines in 2018

In the recent changes, Google has expanded Google New meta description length and make it easier for everyone to promote their brand. Now Google focuses on showing longer snippets by breaking the limitation of 155 characters and allowing 386 characters limit. So, in 2018 it is the right time to revisit guidelines related to meta description to understand it in a better way.

What is Meta Description?

Before we understand every guideline related to Google New meta description length. Let us understand what meta description exactly is? Well, Meta description is basically the HTML attributes that give us summaries of different web pages. The length of meta description depends on the characters and it is displayed under the blue clickable links on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


Google New Meta Description Length

Rough Guidelines on Meta Description Length

Google is always about enhancing the user’s experience. Google algorithm revolves around an idea of determining the relevant portion of the web pages that match the search results. Previously, the optimum meta description length was considered to be 160 characters but now it is twice as what it was. It has reached a limit of 320 characters which is just two times of what it used to be. This expanded length has given a clearer idea of what the page is all about which is likely to increase more curiosity as well as clicks on the web pages from user’s end.

The official statement by Google was announced in December when the news related to Google New meta description length was disseminated among people. Google stated

Should You Made Changes in Old Meta Description to Increase Length?

Now, due to this sudden changes, you must be thinking about increasing the length of the old meta description for getting good ranking on Google. But it is probably a bad idea and useless effort because if your web pages are including quality content then Google will extract a snippet of 320 characters on its own on the basis of the relevance of its content.

How to Write an Effective Meta Description Under New Rules by Google?

The recent modifications in the Google New meta description length have aroused so many questions in the mind of the users. The most common among all is how to write an effective meta description under new rules. So, now you have to double the limit of the content of meta description then what exactly you should do? There are no quantum mechanic rules to be applied for the same. It is quite simple to answer this question and it depends on the nature of the web page itself. If primarily, you were doing the content marketing and providing a detailed summary of the article, even now you need to follow the same process. But this time to increase the length, you can add the keyword once or twice more than what you used to add to the old length. Use variant keywords to make your content more compelling. Make sure you don’t fill your content with abundant keywords as it will give you red flag on Google.

The Impact of this Change on Our Websites

Due to this change, the rate of CTR search results will drop frequently. As people will get all the information in one description, they might not click on the link of the web page. Everything actually depends on the key goals of your company. So, understand whether your meta description answers user’s query or not.

Rise in the Competition

If the people are reading long snippets on the first page then the chances of them to migrate on the second page is pretty low. They might not prefer to go to the second page when all of their queries are answered in a single snippet. This means that ranking on the first page of the SERPs become the highest priority for most of the users that bring a significant change in the current scenario. So, all this is going to give a competitive edge in the world of SEO.

Wrapping Up

Keep yourself engrossed in improving user experience because Google has dedicated an additional space to showcase your services in the most effective manner. Try to use this space in the best way to add better user experience in the target market.






Marketing Campaign Fails : How to change it

Why Does Your Marketing Campaign Fail?

Marketing campaign fails often when it is not supposed to. Find out the solutions that give you maximum ROI (Return on Investment). Many times the most attractive and creative content fails to give satisfactory conversions compared to competitors simple blog. A high budget Adwords fails the bid to a new entrant and many such things that eat up your good night sleep.

What are the things that marketers miss anyway?

Understand the exposure:

Giving irrelevant information forcefully is not the way marketing works. People dislike your ads, posts, tweets etc when you force it. Too much of exposure and promotion can actually drift your target market away. Every brand has to be very conscious regarding what they post and how they do it

The balance between Grammar & Lingo:

Generally, brands stick to too much of formal communication. Preferring English over Hindi even when maximum conversions are from Tier II cities is kind of a failing your own marketing campaign. Sticking to your audience’s lingo is rather a good thing to do. You need to understand the speech of your audience.

I am the Best attitude:

Brands and marketers focus more on talking about their product and service rather than the ‘Pain’ itself. Consumers know everything about the product you are selling. What they don’t know is what kind of ‘extra’ benefit do they get. Talking about the amount of shea butter your soap has won’t help many women. However, speaking of how different skins have different requirements can sale your entire range. You need to figure out what your audience is unaware of.

Distribution is the main concern:

Creating awesome marketing copy is not enough. Good distribution is a crucial aspect of bringing in change. Writing a content and posting it on blogs ain’t enough. You need to promote it, share it and convey it through different channels and mediums. The brand which knows where to distribute what hacks the game in all odds.

Focus on medium:

Content can be any piece of information in any form. Brands generally ignore the enormous rich content they can present to their audience and focus on blogs. Content comes in all shapes and sizes. May it be image, gif, meme. Video or ads. Anything that has something to convey and carries your branding is your content & it can definitely rock.

Measuring the Engagement:

Everything a brand does online is measurable. Using various tools like hashtags, social listening, bitly links, link pages, landing pages etc. Everything has to be measured. Sometimes, content works but brands have no designated measuring tool to understand that.

Platforms, media & technology:

Who taught you could take complaints through WhatsApp? Being where it is easier for your consumers to reach you is the best approach. Digital media offers various mediums, platforms, and measurement metrics to understand where your content has more engagement. A pharmaceutical brand won’t get the major conversion on facebook but can rock all health blogs in the country if it takes the right approach.

Ask few questions before you approve or create a marketing strategy.

Where my audience is?

What are they seeking?

What do they talk about?

What kind of intent and interest indicators are?

Why should they bother to shell even Rs.1 for my product?

What kind of content is most consumed by my audience?

Your content should definitely rock when you don’t miss these #ForgottenSeven


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10 Adwords Tips That Can Help You Get Maximum ROI

10 Adwords Tips that will slay your competitor & give you minimum CPC always. Get the knack of Google PPC Campaign.

Success of AdWords campaign depends on 3 major things

  1. Keywords
  2. Bids & Targeting
  3. Landing pages.

Follow these 10 Adwords Tips & do not worry about Conversions again.

Set A Goal For Your Campaign:

Identifying what you want to achieve is the most important part of Adwords Campaign. You complete the major task in yours Adwords by setting a right goal.

Extensive Keyword Research:

Keyword research is important task before you start the campaign. Keyword research gives you insights about the number of searches in a specific area and by specific target groups.
This helps you create your campaign accordingly. It also gives insight into what are the general queries on the internet. One can plan their campaign around these keywords. Allocating budget based on the keyword research is the best approach.  You can use Keyword Planner for the research.

Competitor Study:

Knowing what your immediate competitor is doing with his AdWords. Know your impression share, understand where you lose the leads and clicks. Understand the location and timings when other bidders get most of the impression and click share.

Targeting Ads to the relevant audience:

It is important to target your ads to right locations & right age groups. If maximum conversions are from Tier 2 Cities and you keep focusing on Tier I then, AdWords won’t bring the best of its potential.

Targeting users of specific websites, or visitors who have seen certain products on the website through the display campaign, also brings more conversions in less time.

Landing Page & CTAs:

Landing pages are very important in any Adwords campaign. Testing your landing page for more conversions is a must. The landing page has to be relevant to keywords, ads and search terms. Landing page counts to the 60% of decision-making in any visitor. It should simple, easily readable and least intrusive. Benefit reinforcement and relevant Call To Action is must for every landing page.

Landing pages that are build in order to organically optimise, also bring higher conversions. Understand how SEO works here. 

 Creating Ads:

Google Adwords has the character limit for ads but it also gives various options to add relevant information. Relevant ad extensions also get your more impression and high CTR. Convey all information through ads. Avoid fake promises and exorbitant statements in ad copy.

 Campaign Structuring:

Segregating keywords based on different needs and motives gives best results. Structuring Ad-groups with similar keywords and relevant ads help optimizing campaign at maximum level.

Creating different ads & ad-groups for Women Kurta & Women Tops gets more relevant clicks and conversions.

Negative Keywords & Match types:

Letting Google know what kind of searches you do not want is always beneficial. Adwords will only show your ads to the search terms that are relevant to the keywords & match types you set. Set match types based on what your goal is.

Broad Match: More Traffic / Exposure. Less Control
Phrase Match: Less Traffic. Better Control
Exact Match: Niche Traffic. Maximum Control

Placements, Budget & Conversions:

It is important to compare the Adwords spend with the number of conversions you receive. Tweak your campaign to get more clicks, impressions, and leads. A/B testing is a way for same.

Controlling where your ad is placed is crucial in Display Campaign. Cut down on sites and placements which gives your fewer conversions or nonrelevant traffic.

Do not Forget Mobile:

Maximum users tend to search through their mobile phones. Most of the mobile users also use Voice search. Create a campaign to match with this high potential traffic. Avoid showing ads on mobile if your landing page is not Mobile optimized. This will reduce your unnecessary spend

With these 10 Adwords Tips,  you can get maximum ROI for your campaign.                                                                                                                                               


Website Optimisation: 5 Steps to get more Organic users

Google searches & recommendations alone contribute to over 50% of conversions online.

Ain’t it a great way to get some for your business?
Consumers tend to search all their questions online and major answers are sought through Google & other search engines

The easiest way to be on every query asked by the customer is running an expensive Adwords campaign. However, not every business has the budget to spend on Adwords.

Here comes, the need to optimize your web property and getting more conversions organically.
Organic conversions have high ROI and attract more genuine leads than other campaigns.

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branding expertise

6 Reasons to Hire Branding Agency Over In House Expert

6 Reasons to Hire Branding Agency when you can hire an experienced brand manager.

Every branding campaign is crucial to the business. The success depends on aspects such as:

1. Technical knowledge of how branding works.

2. Understanding of target market and their behavior

3. Skill sets to use various mediums and platforms to engage more and more audience.

4. Experience of various challenges faced by brands.

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